“…Missing White Woman Syndrome”?

Posted September 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid is a most ungrateful first-generation anchor baby.  Her father was an engineer from the Congo, eventually divorced her mother – a nutritionist from Guyana – and returned to the Congo. 

She graduated AA/EEO from Harvard in ’91,  and she’ been race-baiting ever since.  MSNBC isn’t going to fire her for her racial insensitivity and bias;  – she is EXACTLY what they want on the air!

Cesar Conde is the guy who just promoted Rashida Jones to run MSNCB.  Their whole mission is to capture the Black inner-city audience (vote) from the other networks.

Feeding their target audience a daily ration of anti-White racism is a key part of their plan.

Is the irony lost on them…?

They are the descendants of slaves – owned by the Democrat Party,  – kept down for generations by Jim Crow laws authored by Southern Democrats,…and STILL kept in EBT/Welfare bondage in inner-city ghettos…now run by BLACK Democrats….

– – and yet these 21st Century AA/EEO Black Executives and Media Stars are determined to take over the Democrat Party.

As for Joy Reid – – she has a long history of homophobic,  Islamophobic,  and anti-Jewish writings and statements (in addition to her anti-White rants) to assure her legacy as an Equal Opportunity Bigot.

She lives with a daily dose of hatred dripping in her heart.   It is slowly poisoning her,  and she will die a bitter, lonely old women,  – decades before her time.   

On her death bed,  – she’ll still be blaming White people.

Just imagine the poison Reid’s three children are absorbing at home!

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