Miracle! Jim Lyons WINS 47 – 30!

Posted January 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

A miracle in Natick,  – a new day for the MassGOP?  Congratulations to Jim Lyons of Andover on winning the seat by a HUGE 47 – 30 vote!
Clearly two years of Trump have awakened some of the RiNOs! Thank God!

3 Responses to “Miracle! Jim Lyons WINS 47 – 30!”

  1. Joshua Norman

    This should be start of a new era of good feelings in the MassGOP.

    Perhaps there will be less contentious internecine strife.

  2. Sherox

    I am not convinced of anything. Jim Lyons campaigned with Charlie Baker someone who he has been opposed to for many years. I believe that Jim has sold out. Time will tell.

  3. Clinton ma Tea party

    Lyons is a sellout to Baker. Just like Geoff Deihl was. Romney, Kaufman, Baker and more have a deep plan to hurt Trump chances in the 2020 elections, I am very curious how much $$$$$ Deihl and company made on the pac they set up with the information that was stolen from the Trump campaign? I hear crickets