Minnesota You Could Have Done Better!

Posted January 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

ATTN Minnesota Democrats:   This lecherous clown you sent to Washington merely demeaned and disgraced you.

The clues were there long before you voted.   Do better next time.

3 Responses to “Minnesota You Could Have Done Better!”

  1. Mt Woman

    He was a first class clown from day 1. Somehow his role on SNL made him a celebrity in the eyes of stupid people.


    “First-Class Clown”? I think you mean a NO-CLASS clown….

  2. Ron Motta

    Like so many, he was put in place to provide cover and be a tool….which he was and has been. Particularly nauseating was watching this “good Harvard man” questioning a number of Trump prospective appointees taking the (suppose) higher ground, knowing full well the lengths to which his party/religion (with the dems they are one and the same0 stooped to get him “elected”. As usual, a feckless Republican party was complicit by not fighting the scam. But then again, what else is new, eh Mr. Mueller???

  3. Kojack

    MN will have the chance to rectify it’s past error by electing former congresswoman Michele Bachmann who expressed interest in running for Franken’s seat, IF she takes the plunge and runs for it.