Mini-Me Patrick Previews Obama’s Retirement

Posted January 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Can’t keep his mouth shut;   – our failed ex-governor adds his 2¢  – and naturally turns the discussion to racism

Maybe he’s still butt-sore over not getting the AG job under President Hillary…?

I have vivid memories of confronting Duh-val in Milford, MA back in July 2011,   when he was trying to smooth over an agitated TEA Party’s drive for compliance with the Secure Communities Act.  Duh-val had already ordered our State Police NOT to co-operate with INS,…essentially to let criminal illegals slip through the system.

He told the angry crowd in Milford he thought the law was racist – and he wouldn’t cooperate with the Feds – even for violent and repeat offenders.

We warned him there would be tragic consequences;  he shrugged and escorted by two huge state cops – he walked away….

JUST 5 WEEKS LATER….repeat DUI offender / illegal immigrant from Ecuador Nicolas Guaman dragged Matt Denise ¼ mile under his pick-up – to his death.

Guaman never showed any remorse, – and Duh-val dismissed it as “a DUI case”.

Now Duh-val (Deval) is claiming that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is ‘too racist’ to be Attorney General.  

I guess he wants another Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch,  – someone Black,  – “who understands the Black perspective”…?

Most Liberals despise our Constitution,  – because they’ve never really read it,  – because they cherry-pick small parts,  – and mostly because it limits their freedom to pass what laws they please (exactly as the Framers intended).

In opposing Senator Sessions,  Patrick has tipped the hand of the Left. They’re going to brand Trump a racist early on,  – keep saying it on the left-wing networks,  – and go into the 2018 mid-terms with candidates vowing to “fight Trump’s racist agenda”….

Yeah,…to the Left,…JOBS are ‘racist’!

Really,…why should the 6th and 7th generation descendants
of SLAVES be forced to WORK for a living,  – when the
Government can provide them with EBT Cards and
housing vouchers…?

In just 8 years Obama has thrown our nation’s race relations back into the late 1950s,  and activists and race-baiters like Deval Patrick are determined to fan the racial fires at every opportunity.

It’s all they have, – their economic schemes all fizzled…

They need a guaranteed government check – funded by white working folks.

Too bad for Deval – after 8 years as governor here,  – he has ZERO accomplishments to stand on.

But ZERO accomplishments won’t stop Obama from mouthing off – almost daily – and the Left Wing Propaganda Ministry will be glad to park a sound truck in front of his house! 

Hell, they may even build him a studio in his home.

4 Responses to “Mini-Me Patrick Previews Obama’s Retirement”

  1. Sherox

    Does anyone care what this loser says?

  2. Hawk1776

    Deval wasn’t much of a Governor, but he excels at being a left wing looney tune. Is anyone surprised he sees Sessions as a racist? It’s on Page 1 of the black-liberal playbook. Deval, Eric, Loretta and Barry will all fade from view the longer Trump holds office. They have done nothing worth remembering.

  3. Clinton ma tea party

    Liberalism needs to be placed in the shallow grave of other failed socialist systems of Government for good. It is a failure and needs to disappear from the earth

  4. Jim Gettens

    Devoid Patrick, the mental midget who had to take the Bar Exam three times (like the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pansy, who can’t speak without a Tele-prompter, yet another Affirmative Action admittee to Harvard Law School);

    Devoid Patrick, who called every clear case of Welfare Fraud and crimes committed by Illegal Aliens in Massachusetts during his abysmal tenure as Governor, “anecdotes”;

    Devoid Patrick, who vouched for his then Lieutenant Governor Timothy “Crash” Murray after Murray crashed a state Crown Victoria in the dark along I-190 in Sterling, MA, Murray explaining that he was out “inspecting storm damage” following the big “Halloween Snowstorm” of 2011, but then Devoid wouldn’t release Murray’s cell-phone records–and it took the Boston Herald’s public records (Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 66, Sec. 10) demand to get the State Police crash report, including vehicle black box data, that showed the car had been going 108 MPH…;

    Devoid Patrick, who filled his administration with incompetent Black (Racial Preference) hires, some of whom were forced to resign later in scandals, the heads of the MBTA and ‘Children’s Services’ coming readily to mind;

    Devoid Patrick, who never met a tax increase he didn’t like, taking great pleasure in screwing Massachusetts taxpayers with sales tax, liquor tax, and gasoline tax increases;

    Devoid Patrick, appointed in 2015 by Murder City Mayor-Obama Hack Rahm Emanuel, to the Chicago “Task Force” investigating its Police Department. Yeah, so how’s that working out for ya’…???;

    Devoid Patrick, the Lying Cretin Loser who somehow always lands on his feet. It’s a mystery, kinda like the mystery of the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pansy being elected President TWICE…