Mind-Blowing History At Panmunjom!

Posted April 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you were expecting a nuclear war to start on the Korean Peninsula,  events there this morning suddenly make that seem like a remote thing from the Cold War. 
During my lifetime this may be the biggest thing since the Berlin Wall came down;  – something I never expected to witness.

Hats off to Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo for making this possible!   And frankly – hats off to the fat Nork Runt for his courage to walk into the South and start talking.

And thanks too to those hundreds of thousands of American GIs who guarded that dangerous fucking line for 7 decades – through wicked cold winters and dusty summers, – to keep America’s commitment to a free and Democratic South.

Events have moved swiftly since Mike Pompeo’s Easter visit to see Kim in Pyongyang, but we should expect the next steps to be a little measured.

Turning a warlord based economy into a self-supporting economyWITHOUT selling arms and counterfeit drugs,  – will be a huge (near-impossible) task.   But it will be fascinating to watch.

Dear God,  please guide their hearts and words!

By Friday morning the left-wing media should be in a frenzy,  – trying to find words to turn this exceptional moment into a Trump-bashing exercise.

If they were smart – and if they really care about a better safer world,  – they would acknowledge the break-through,  – and give due credit to Trump,  Pompeo,  and all the folks who worked behind the scenes….

.including the American voters who elected and continue to back Trump.

This was something that Obama could never have gotten done!

5 Responses to “Mind-Blowing History At Panmunjom!”

  1. Panther 6

    We will see what the media says but I concur Mike that TRUMP and POMPEO are factors in making this happen. Not sure where it will lead BUT I urge the Trump Team to try to make something good happen. BUT I also urge caution and that we keep a big stick close by and ready to be employed if Kim baby proves to be a phoney,

  2. Mt Woman

    Let’s pray and hope that there is true strength and rightousness behind this very positive sign.

  3. Kojack

    I hate to be a kill-joy, but I find it concerning that the Nork dictator conferred in length with the Chinese “president for life” before his change of heart. Time will tell if its genuine and real progress is made.

  4. Sherox

    Silence from the main stream media.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    A few thoughts….

    I’m with you cautious ones. There’s no telling what the Chicom tete-a-tete has set up, as the Chicoms would have a huge refugee problem if hostilities broke out. And the Chicoms may well be feeling some down wind polution from all that nuclear testing.

    And…..the Nork’s are hungrier than ever, now, and they need to eat. Kim’s own guys might even be planning to take the Runt out, and the Chicoms are so under our survelience that they can’t even get away with conducting ship-to-ship cargo transfers at sea.

    We in the SF community had an old saying: “When you get ’em by the balls, their hearts and minds soon follow.” Maybe Trump’s heard that somewhere along the line…..

    In any event, I don’t trust it. But having stood a post on that frigid DMZ in ’68, I can only hope and pray Trump’s effort is fruitful, because in my lifetime I can think of no more successful an outcome than an official end to the Korean War and peace on that peninsula.