Mike Pompeo Pulls Last Embassy Staff

Posted March 12th, 2019 by Iron Mike

As the power blackout continues in Venezuela,  – as food rots and desperate people are looting stores,  SecState Mike Pompeo is pulling the last of our embassy staff out of the country.

He had a few choice words for those Venezuelan and Cuban officials he holds responsible for the crisis:

“When there is no electricity,  – thank the marvels of modern Cuban-led engineering,….

“When there’s no water,  thank the excellent hydrologists from Cuba.  When there’s no food,  thank the Cuban communist overlords.”

Of course Maduro and his staff continue to blame the USA for “Cyber Warfare”,  – rather than ask Trump for help repairing his electrical grid….

Let us pause for a moment and consider…

.how today might be going with Hillary Clinton in the White House,  – and Susan Rice as SecState…..

We have the 2010 Haiti earthquake experience upon which to base our speculations….

Would we be sending in Marines…..and plane loads of food….?

Would President Hillary declare a National Emergency – and demand Congress fund a $10 Billion Emergency Relief Fund….?

Would at least $2 Billion find it’s way into her 2020 re-election campaign…?

Would another $2 Billion be funneled to “relief companies and organizations” that would kick back campaign massive donations….?

Would there be a total press blackout,  – with much ado over a mere dozen planeloads of relief food….


Have you noticed our Mainstream Media…

AVOIDING going to Venezuela…?

5 Responses to “Mike Pompeo Pulls Last Embassy Staff”

  1. Varvara

    Food is rotting, no clean water, no medicines, babies dying. Parents are desperate. No mention of schools. Are they open or closed? Can the children get to them?

    I would guess Brazil is watching this very closely. They might be next.

  2. panther 6

    For the sake of the Venezuelan people let’s all pray that Maduro is forced out soon.

    Maybe I am missing it but I think the MSM is ignoring or downplaying the situation as it belies the tale being told by Bernie, Pocahontas, and AOC about how wonderful socialism is. Maybe our millenials who think socialism is so great will wake up.

  3. Joshua Norman

    Welcome to the People’s State of Venezuela (H/T Atlas Shrugged).

  4. Kojack

    If ASS(aka AOC), the DEMOCRAPS and the RiNO’s have their way, Venezuela is our future.

  5. Walter Knight

    Communists always cement power by starving their people. Russia, China, Ukraine, millions were left to die. It doesn’t concern them.