Mike Johnson Grills DOJ Snake Garland

Posted October 21st, 2021 by Iron Mike

Rep. Mike Johnson is the Republican who represents the 4th CD (Western Louisiana),  and he grills Biden’s Minister of Justice Merrick Garland on Garland’s family financial interest in Critical Race Theory
Watch Garland squirm like a snake and evade  giving a straight or honest answer. 

THEN the snake ran into a Texas buzz saw – Rep Chip Roy (Texas 21st CD – Central Texas) – and Garland pretended he never watches the news…..

So there is the sad state of our Justice Department Folks,  – run by the man that Obama wanted on the Supreme Court (for his über-liberal views).

Garland is neither a competent lawyer or a fair-minded man;  – and he has little regard for individual liberty or our Constitution. Thus his whole life has been a lie.

Things are going to get a LOT worse before the Biden Cabal is run out of office – and out of town. 

Ammo UP!   And pray!

2 Responses to “Mike Johnson Grills DOJ Snake Garland”

  1. Jim Buba

    Don’t insult the Reptiles.

    The time for a 2nd is nigh

  2. panther6

    How do we get idiots like Garland in positions like this? He is supposed to represent JUSTICE across the land and yet when you dig even in inch into his past/present all you find is links to money,, ill gotten gains. I venture to say 80% of our politicians are on the take. Washington politics would stink a dog off a gut wagon.