“Mike, Are You…Wearing A WIRE?”

Posted September 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It seems the FBI had been looking into “Pay-to-Play” in Allentown, PA for awhile,  – and they ~ may ~ have discovered a dirty Democrat – and convinced him to wear a wire…
Fleck Wore A Wire
…it’s called using a squirming little fish to catch a much bigger one.

Few come BIGGER than Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski – who this past Spring had eyes on the US Senate seat of Republican Pat Toomey.

Pawlowski Senate campaign

Somehow they got local political big-shot operative Mike Fleck to wear a wire.

The local Dirty Democrats must be sweating today,  – wondering how many times he wore it, – and how many fish are going to be scooped up.

Get out of Jail Card

Already, after the FBI came with a search warrant to City Hall on July 2nd,   Ed decided he’s better just stay mayor,…and dropped his senate run…

The Search Warrant specified anything to do with 21 entities, individuals and firms, – and seven (7) law firms or individual lawyers

Fleck Moves Quickly

And Mike called the movers,…or did the FBI make that call…?



Nothing!   There’s lots of towns and cities in America run by corrupt Democrats.  Probably a few corrupt Republicans too….

Where did Pawlowski and Fleck learn to be dishonest – selling deals for kickbacks and campaign contributions?  Did they learn that from their mothers?

Does Democrat corruption flow from the breasts of Democratic mothers?

Pawlowski Good Ole Days


UPDATE:    Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016   As the FBI investigation heats up and cronies are charged [some already pleading guilty] the 7-member City Council have ALL signed a No-Confidence resolution to be voted on Wed nite. Ed, is there anybody you can rat out,…or are you looking at prison time?


UPDATE:   Tuesday 23 Oct 2018  Sentenced to 15 years in the Federal Pen.  Taken from the courtroom in CUFFS!

3 Responses to ““Mike, Are You…Wearing A WIRE?””

  1. Flick

    Nice to see my local folks get national/global exposure!

    The Mayor of neighboring city Reading, PA and a councilman have already fallen related to this scandal. I believe Mr. Fleck was also his good friend and adviser.

    A teachable moment for all you sleazebags out there-If you can’t trust your best friend, then who CAN you trust?

    This pair vacationed together, babysat each others children and who knows ‘what else’.

    On a Facebook entry this morning a reference was made to His (dis)Honor and Hillary checking into the same facility together…

    There is also an editorial in today’s local rag explaining what ‘hubris’ is and how it applies here. He could have remained mayor, Hillary could have remained a senator if their true desire was to serve the people.

  2. integrity 1st

    Wish there was more back story provided in these posts for us lay folks not keeping up as much 🙁

  3. Flick

    There will be more back story evolving. These are very early days of the FBI disclosure, they’re still investigating. Until their raid in July no one suspected anything.

    Check mcall.com for updates.

    I believe this is the norm and not an exception across our country.