Midnight Train To Georgia…

Posted February 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Beverly Scott Resigning
Career decisions – particularly those that come late in life – can be tough. We at RRB can only hope we helped Doctor Scott with hers… 
Traveling music by Gladys Knight…


Don’t know about you, but that’s a load off my mind!

Somehow we feel that Mass Taxpayers will be funding her disability retirement…. 

BTW, don’t you miss the days when you could understand the words the artists were singing. This was 1973.


Beverly Scott to NTSB

UPDATE:  Tues 6 Oct 2015  Under the Bus Bev, – no NTSB for you!

Beverly Scott under the bus


10 Responses to “Midnight Train To Georgia…”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    We can only hope that the train is not stuck in a snow drift.

  2. Marc

    For those of you who heard this woman speak and might be wondering how such a thing as a “Doctor” Scott could happen, I suggest you read Dinesh D’Souza’s “Illiberal Education”. This book explains in great detail how affirmative action works at the college level. Most people think affirmative action is only used to get unqualified minorities in the door. Actually, there’s much more to it than that. All kinds of techniques are employed after admission to ensure that unqualified minorities graduate at rates that do not make the schools vulnerable to disparate impact lawsuits. Affirmative action really needs to go. Not only does it push people like Beverly Scott into positions that they have absolutely no business being in, it also forces every qualified minority to deal with the stigma of being suspected a product of affirmative action until proven otherwise.

  3. Mary

    You are wrong. I know her. Your comments are racist.
    Dr. Scott is an extremely talented and qualified General Manager. The failure of leadership is Governor Baker who spent all of his time distancing himself from the issue instead of rolling up his sleeves and helping by calling the Guard in earlier and calling travel bans. He was so afraid of wearing the issues. Too bad, I thought he would be a better governor.

  4. Tina

    Mary, just so you know, I’m a black woman, so save your mud slinging.

    Dr. Scott is an embarrassment to black women everywhere. She started her press conference in a professional manner and within a matter of minutes started sounding like a Negro spiritual.

    The fact that she cannot string simple sentences together is proof positive that she should demand an immediate refund for all monies spent at the various institutions of higher learning she attended.

    Dr. Scott has been in charge of the MBTA for over a year, while Governor Baker has only been in office for barely a month. Your blaming him for Dr. Scott’s ineptitude is illogical.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I can only hope that her replacement will be competent. I saw her for the first time this week, and my response was”where did the white guy go”. You know, the guy who was her predecessor.

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    Ms. Scott has a great opportunity, instead she proved the old adage: anyone can captain a boat on a calm pond, few can handle rough water.

    Ms. Scott had a responsibility to do more than apologize and antagonize. Same with her board.

  7. Jim Gettens


    Hey, Mary, check out this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about the incompetent Beverly Scott and her incompetent so-called ‘leadership team’ at MARTA/Atlanta. She’s been a screw-up for years. Yeah, go ahead, call me a ‘Racist’ too. I can handle it.

    Of course, this also demonstrates, yet again, that the MBTA Board that hired her was comprised of politically correct hack morons. What would Massachusetts Government entities be like without politically correct hack morons??? We taxpayers/ratepayers/farepayers will probably never know…

  8. Iron Mike

    Mary, I am saddened by your knee-jerk cry of ‘racism‘.

    The ISSUE has been and remains Doctor Scott’s DEMONSTRATED incompetence to do the bare minimum tasks of planning, directing, coordinating, supervising, and where necessary – applying discipline to improve bus and train service.

    Her race, gender, skin color, and age have NOTHING to do with it. She FAILED because she failed to anticipate a New England Winter. PERIOD!

    Frankly Oprah Winfrey – who is also old, fat, Black, and female – could have done a far better job running the MBTA, – because somewhere along the way Oprah learned to motivate, supervise, and hold employees accountable.

    We will likely never know how many QUALIFIED applicants were never seriously considered back when Scott was hired from Atlanta – because the Board wanted to ‘make a statement’.

    This week T commuters paid for that ‘statement‘ by standing for hours in freezing cold waiting for trains and buses that never came.

  9. Hawk1776

    The MBTA will not be fixed with the resignation of Beverly Scott. The problems are deeply rooted and systemic. It will take years and billions of dollars to fix.

    Having said that, Beverly Scott was the wrong person for the job. It appears she liked the trappings of the position and loved to travel on the taxpayers’ dollar, but didn’t accomplish anything. I don’t care what race she is, she gamed the system and bugged out when the crap hit the fan. Her supporters will term it an “opportunistic departure”. I call it failure and a lack of integrity.

  10. Lonni

    Notice the wording “Scott is Resigning”.
    Not “resigned”

    What this means is that she’s going out with a BIG HUGE ton of cash and benefits, and is negotiating same.

    No one wins here.

    She was incompetent and was given the position for reasons unknown (however, apparently fulfilling a well-documented pattern of DEVAL FRIENDS WITH WIDE FAT ASSES a job, after screwing up elsewhere.