Middle East Aflame!

Posted January 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

While America’s T-Shirt Salesman-in-Chief goes about his mission of dissolving the economic and social fiber of our country,  he, his cartel, and his enablers in the mainstream media have been ignoring events in the Middle East, – events which will likely lead to bloodshed.

Two weeks ago young people in Tunisia – many unemployed for years and viewing no prospects, took to the streets and overthrew their strongman dictator – Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali – chasing him from the country.

Their success has sparked similar rioting in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak and in Yemen against President Ali Abdullan Saleh.


Do you think any of this matters to the USA and/or our allies?

Egypt – keeper of the Suez Canal,  owner of the Sinai Peninsula, owner of a long border with Israel,  owner of a troubled border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.  Egypt – the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group which revised Islamic fundamentalism in the 1920s.  The same group who assassinated their last president – Anwar Sadat, at a military parade in 1981. Egypt – just 300 miles west of Mecca, – the holiest city in all of Islam.

Please note that Egypt’s Mubarak has a ‘kill switch’ for his country’s phones and internet service – just like Obama wants for the USA.  Let’s see if he uses it.  Let’s see if the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda – who have been waiting years for this popular uprising and this chaos – are ready to operate without it.  

Egypt has been a quiet US ally for decades.  Our militaries train together on a regular basis.  Mubarak may be a bastard, but compared to what an Islamist Egyptian government would mean in that country, – he’s a cupcake.

Yemen – guardian of the “Bab el Mandeb” – the Gate of Tears between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.  Yemen, the new terrorist haven for al Qaeda.  Yemen, where the USS Cole was attacked.  Yemen, whose jailers routinely unlock the cells of al Qaeda terrorists.  Yemen, with a long, porous unguarded border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and only 360 miles south of Mecca.

Why would Obama pay any attention to these things when he can be selling you a nifty t-shirt to go along with your debt-ridden bankrupt country and your ObamaCare.  Your ObamaCare?  You know – the ‘you can keep your doctor’ and it will save us all money program.  The one that’s going to save those ‘30 million people who were dying in the streets outside hospital emergency rooms’  just last winter.  Yeah, that one. 

Isn’t the marketing of a presidential catch phrase far more important than keeping watch over American interests around the world?

So take a long look at this map, and tell me why the Twelvers in Iran need or want an atomic bomb.


Then tell me why the Israelis figured out decades ago that if and when all this happened, atomic bombs would be their only hope of avoiding another holocaust.  Particularly if some rogue American President in the future would withdraw support, – or even openly side with the Arabs?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Maybe those t-shirts should say “We Ignore BIG Things!



Tunisia – 2 weeks ago:

Jordan – third Friday in a row:

4 Responses to “Middle East Aflame!”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Fantastic blog, you captured the dominos as they begin to fall. Mubarak has used the kill switch and put a curfew into effect, next will be martial law. The police (some already have) and members of the army will join the rioters, this is Iran and Carter all over again. When will we hear from P.J. Crowley, the crack DOS spokesperson?

  2. B Howell

    Well done Mike. Add to this stew pot, Jordan, where there has been 3(?) attempts to assassinate their king. Where merchants refuse to buy and sell Jewish products, including fresh produce. The price of food is skyrocketing in Jordan.

    Remember, also, that Egypt has built a fence along the border with Gaza. This fence goes down 100 feet so tunnels will be difficult to dig. Mubarak might be a bastard but he is our bastard.

    All this is happening because the Muslim Brotherhood is stirring the pot. AlQaeda is organized but I believe MB is much better organized. After all, the creator of MB, Hassan al-Banna, the mufti of Jerusalem, met with Hitler and discussed how he, the mufti, could and would round up the Jewish people and send them to Germany for Hitler to kill. Al-Banna wanted no Jews in Palestine! Now, today, in Arabia they are driving Jews and Christians from the land.

    Al-Banna’s grandson, Tariq Ramadan, who teaches at Oxford, looks and talks just like a moderate muslim should. Is he really? He had an interview recently where he discussed Germany’s intolerance of Islam. He suggests that German’s should learn more about Islam; he never mentioned that muslims should learn more about Germans.

    As for Iran, do they all want the 12th Imam to come back or only a few who want to retain their power want him back? The gas subsidies are gone, electricity prices are out of site but there is a smooth, neat highway for the 12th to return.

    Turkey is becoming more religious, clamping down on freedoms, especially women, and also killing/driving Christians away.

    Enough, we will discuss the Caucasus in the near future.

  3. Lou Cipher

    It is the beginning of the end brothers and sisters. roll out the missiles and light the fires, hell on earth is here. Those that believe in me will live on forever as the rulers of this fiery pit. Thank Allah that I do not tear you all limb from limb for committing the evil of enslaving all the good people of the earth. You greedy bastards are so worried about your money that you could careless about the evils that certain governments of the world commit in your name. Shame Shame Shame, You will all burn with this fiery pit known as earth HAHAHAHAHAHA. Die you capitalist pigs in the Bar-B-Que known as earth.

  4. Glissando

    Even if Mubarak leaves – or suffers the fate or Romania’s Ceausescu – Egyptians will still have a long way to go if they want to get rid of corruption. Look at the state Romania is in, 21 years after their revolution http://yaltaparadox.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-egypt-could-learn-from-romanias.html