Michelle Obama – The Maui Maneuver

Posted January 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Has a presidential campaign begun on the Island of Maui – in Oprah’s mansion?
Oprah's Maui Mansion
I’ve seen enough Obama lies over these past six years that I don’t believe Michelle’s extended Hawaiian vacation is a ‘birthday gift’ from Barry.  Maybe they’re just tired of fighting?

I think we’re watching the careful beginning of her Senate run – to be followed by her 2016 Presidential campaign. Oprah will supply both the seed $$$ and the courage.

We may be watching Michelle borrowing Hillary Clinton’s playbook.

I’ll go out on a limb here – with a SWAG.  In the beginning, Obama and Michelle were all smiles, cuddles, and smiling photo-ops.  That was 2008 – 2009.  They were making History.
 In the beginning

Michelle is widely rumored to have been jealous of Oprah’s infatuation for Barack; – to the extent of not wanting her to stay overnight in the White House.  But they remained all smiles for the camera.
Smiling Trio

Then reality set in, and a series of missed cues, failures, and those damned right-wing bloggers began to make fun of them.  Imagine, – actually mocking the First Black President!?!  [Yeah, we did that…]

TEA PARTY RALLYSThen cold reality set in – the 2010 Mid-Terms ended Obama’s total control of Congress, and the scandals began breaking left and right. That God-dammed TEA Party kept coming into town squares. 

Worse, Obama seemed to have no answer other than an endless series of teleprompter-generated speeches mocking the GOP and the TEA Party.  His socialist agenda of wealth redistribution seemed to be stalled….

The AwakeningOprah became disenchanted.  Reportedly she didn’t kick in the big bucks for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.  She wouldn’t make appearances with him. 

Today the 2017 Presidential Inauguration is a mere three years away. 

What DifferenceWhile Hillary remains the ‘conventional front runner’ for many in the Media, and for many American women,  Oprah thinks Michelle could attract more votes – and has far fewer scandals lying along her trail.

And Michelle WOULD STILL be that ‘First Woman President’ – so she could re-energize both the dis-enchanted Democrats, and the badly dis-enchanted Black vote.   After all, she’s fully Black.

FIRST – A SENATE RUN:Barbara Mikulski

I think the prime target is the  Senate seat held for the past 27 years by Barbara Mikulski of Maryland who had 5 terms in the House before that.  Babs isn’t up for re-election until 2016, but she ~ could ~ be urged to retire early, – or just be Obamacided

Just buy a ‘presidential retirement home’ in suburban Maryland;  Michelle could launch her Senate campaign – while STILL being ‘First Lady’.


Elijah CummingsIf Mikulski can’t be budged, – then I think the next most likely target is 62 year old 9-term Congressman Elijah Cummings from Maryland’s 7th District.

Elijah is only 62 – but carries himself like a man in his late 80s.  He should be easy to Obamacide,  and representing heavily Black Baltimore – winning his seat should be a cinch!

Michelle in either a US Senate or House seat in January 2015 puts her essentially in the same position Barack was in when he came to the US Senate in 2007, – but with lots more name and face recognition.

And as BOTH FLotUS and Senator – she will have daily access to fawning TV cameras – and loads of Sunday talk shows to do – all free campaign air time….Matthews

Oh Senator,  you’re so awesome – how tough is it doing BOTH JOBS?”  Chris Matthews will have chills running up his legs again….

Why would Oprah back Michelle and not the ‘sure thing’ Hillary?

RACISM!   I think Barack turned out to be a big disappointment to Oprah – who ~ thought ~ he would lead the battle for Black Reparations.   But Obama is ineffective – even at things he wants to accomplish – and Black Reparations was never high on George Soros’ to-do list.

Oprah knows that Michelle is far more dedicated to the cause,  so she’ll put aside their personal jealousy and back her.  Besides, whatever urges she had for Obama back in 2008 – are long gone now that it’s clear he’s bi-sexual – or gay. 

Michelle Obama – backed by Oprah – and spring-boarding in 2014 from heavily Democratic Baltimore or Maryland – could easily push Hillary, John Kerry and the Village Idiot aside come 2016.

Can’t you just hear the liberal media cooing?

Senator Michelle Obama

3 Responses to “Michelle Obama – The Maui Maneuver”

  1. Walter Knight

    If Michelle is President, can Oprah be Secretary of State?

    Save the Whales.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Maxine Waters would be the most likely VP candidate. She makes Mouchelle look good by comparison.

  3. Kojack

    I’d love to watch a political (and maybe physical) brawl between the Obysmals and the Clintons – it would be almost as good as two muslim countries pounding the shyte out of each other….kind of like Iraq and Iran.