Michelle Obama: Still Playing “VICTIM”?

Posted July 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

After 2½ years of watching the classy, graceful, and proud American Melania who is our First Lady today,  – you’d ~ think ~ that this ugly clunky water buffalo would retreat into obscurity and keep her racist mouth shut.

The politics and ingrained psyche of Black Racial Victimhood runs deep through Michelle Obama’s DNA,  – so today she can’t help but rub salt in her own wounds.  Does she think we’ve all forgotten all those mega-expensive vacations she and the girls took – around the world. Anybody out on the Vineyard missing them lately?

Folks, don’t be naïve enough to fall for the subtle propaganda of a series of carefully scripted interviews, – as the Left tries to rehabilitate the image of America’s most obviously racist couple….

“Tears and Teddy Bears…”…

Brie Stimson is either a brain-dead ‘journalist’ – or she’s signed on to help re-write a horrible and disgraceful 8 years of our History.

Hey Brie, – how come you didn’t ask the Moose how she felt that Monday morning – 12 September 2012,  – after her husband let 4 Americans die in Benghazi,  – while he was leaving for his Las Vegas fundraiser?

Don’t be fooled for a minute Americans!

Obama is still living in hope that the next Democrat / Socialist / RiNO president will name him to either the Supreme Court,  – or nominate him as Secretary General of the UN.

Why do you ~ think ~ he stayed in DC?   Shadow government!

7 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Still Playing “VICTIM”?”

  1. Varvara

    When Michelle went to Spain on a vacation, she took her girls, her brother and his family on a government plane. When the news broke she offered to pay her own fare, approximately $5K.
    No mention of her brothers fare…..

  2. panther 6

    As First Lady Michelle was a total flop and in many cases an embarrassment (my opinion). I for one don’t miss her and frankly begrudge them the several millions in ill gotten gains they have after their time in the WH.

  3. Vic

    What’s with this new hair style? I took one look and said, “nyaaaa- how much does she charge to haunt a house?”


    One of your best Vic! ;^)

  4. Jim Buba

    Gender and DNA will answer every question in need of asking.

  5. Hawk1776

    I couldn’t stand anything about Obama. It was a very long eight years. Many felt the same way, but there was no Obama Derangement Syndrome. We sucked it up and waited for nature to run its course.

  6. SpecialSnowflake

    “There was no Obama Derangement Syndrome”?!?! Hawk1776, have you read the very post you’re commenting on? Don’t forget that there were people—probably even Iron Mike—who believed and proclaimed that President Obama wasn’t born in this country! This is some of the most consistently racist garbage on the Internet. I haven’t visited this site for months, and posts like this reminded me why. I’ll be back in sixteen (long!) months to crow about Trump’s ass getting kicked in the November election (unless Putin helps him again).


    Back again Snowflake? Out of rehab? Rushing to call Patriots “racists” while you defend your favorite water buffalo?

    Couple of CLUES for you….

    Most of us dislike (loathe) Obama 10% because he is an arrogant turd who cannot disguise his contempt for average Americans.

    The other 90% was because he was sneaking around violating both his (botched) oath to our Constitution, and every US Law he could find to break.

    Benghazi was the capper. He went to bed, – then to Las Vegas.

    Flake, have you EVER read our Constitution? EVER?

    BTW, how is your 401K doing since November 2016?


    One final question for you Flake: WHEN and WHERE did you ever place yourself in deadly peril, – or actually shed blood – – for somebody of a different ethnicity or race?

    It would seem to me that you need a little street cred before you call somebody else a ‘racist’….

  7. Kojack

    FLAKE the 19 partisan DUMMYCRAPS on the mule team couldn’t find any “collusion”. I bet you believe the earth is flat too.

    Racism was hardly ever brought up before HUSSEIN was elected and set race relations back 50 years.

    According to Dinesh D’Souza, HUSSEIN was born in the U.S. but like Lie-a-watha Warren, another “hero” of yours, he checked the box and said he was BORN IN KENYA ON HIS COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PAPERS, WHICH ALONG WITH HIS SAT SCORES, HE STILL REFUSES TO RELEASE. More-over on the sell-sheet of his 1st book he said that he was born in Kenya.

    Right from the start DUMMYCRAPS boycotted PRESIDENT TRUMP’S inauguration and called for impeachment BEFORE he was even in office! The GOP didn’t do that to HUSSEIN.

    ALL of the violence in the street comes from the left mostly the COWARDS in the ANTIFA FACSISTS, BLACK LIvES MATTER and college campuses where conservative students and speakers are getting beat up and shut out with RAMPANT DISCRIMINATION by the “tolerant” left. Someday you will push us too far and we will exterminate you all right down to the DUMMYCRAP voter rolls. And remember, we have all the guns and you stupid miscreants don’t know which bathroom to use.