Michelle Obama: In Your Face Again

Posted August 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Refresh my memory – as Americans living in the land founded on religious freedom, we’re supposed to accept all religions equally, right?  Catholics, Methodists, Jews, Buddhists, and Rastafarian, all equally welcomed and acceptedAccepted mind you, not just tolerated, even when the Rastafarians sacrifice goats.  Muslims too, right? 

After all, Islam is “just a religion”, sort of like all the others right?  Except that part about killing people, behanding and beheading people, mutilating women and stoning them to death for imagined offenses and to restore family honor.

Some writers and politicians accuse us of Islamophobia because we oppose the building of a grand mosque on the sight of the 9/11 World Trade Center murders.  Some of us who have studied the rise and fall and rising again of the Muslim empire see things differently.  We see Islam as a complete way of life, not simply a “religion”.  We know Muslims have always built their mosques on the sites of conquests and victories, – the more Christians slain, the bigger the mosque.


So why should we be surprised when the vacationing wife of our Muslim pResident makes a point to visit a new and highly despised mosque in Spain?  And why should we be surprised that the MSM never mentioned it? 

Europe is already being totally overrun by Muslim immigrants – who intend to turn the place into a Muslim entity run under Sharia Law.  [France and Britain are nuclear nations.] It’s happening here in America – in case you haven’t noticed.  Think about it – you ALREADY have a stealth Muslim president! 

Remember one of the tenants of Islam is that it is acceptable, – even encouraged – to lie [deceive] a non-believer to advance the cause of Islam.  The Obama’s have deceived you. Why else would Michelle Obama go to a Mosque at sundown to pray?  It wasn’t a photo-op and she wasn’t buying postcards.

Folks, the 9/11 Victory Mosque is NOT a question of “religious freedom”.  It’s about a culture of barbarism trying to conquer our culture of democracy and freedom, and building a monument to honor the victory of their 19 “martyrs”.  Guess whose side the Obamas are on!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

This is where Princess Michelle stayed during her visit in Spain.  Think she was comfy?

You should take time to watch this video:

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    Call me an Islamophobe, but the ground work for this “peaceful” takeover of the Christian world by the “Religion of Peace” was initiated and perpetuated by the progressive socialists that brought us the sexual revolution, readily available birth control and abortion on demand. We have done this to ourselves and have sealed our fate. I observed the seeds of Islam being sown in France, Belgium and the Netherlands 30 years ago and now those seeds have been harvested and re-sown again and again. Unfortunately, there is only one solution that can reverse this disastrous trend and that is another Disaster.