Michael Steele Gets An Earful of TEA!

Posted February 17th, 2010 by Iron Mike

RNC Chair Steele

Michael Steele was supposed to be our Republican anti-Obama.  He was elected Chairman of the RNC after the 2008 McCain humiliation.  He is the former LtGov of Maryland, and was an unsuccessful Senate candidate.  He then became a Fox News contributor.  His first year as RNC Chair has been plagued with gaffs and missteps.


So yesterday he met with leaders and delegates from a number of the TEA Party groups from around America.  He probably had faint hopes of wooing them into the Republican fold.  Instead he got an earful, and some of it didn’t enter his ears by the most direct path.  

Many there were telling Steele that Republicans have seemingly lost their way
.  That too many have forgotten the Constitutional limits on government, and too many are willing to court votes “by reaching across the aisle”.   This is infuriating to the core of the TEA Party movement,  because they see any accommodation with Progressives and Socialists as blatantly anti-American. 

They want our Nation defended, our borders secured, and the wild-assed spending stopped.  They want our Constitution upheld and defended, – not forgotten and walked around – or walked over.

The TEA Parties aren’t yet organized into a national party – but in each local Congressional District and in many major cities they are the force to be reckoned with.   It was the absolute voter disgust with Obama and Congress – as best expressed by the TEA Parties in Massachusetts which put Scott Brown in the US Senate, – and which killed Camelot here and in Rhode Island.

So while Scott Brown may not be the “new face of the Republican Party” – he certainly is the face of our “winter of discontent”.   Across the land Republican “front runners” must get a grip, and put off thoughts of the White House until late 2011.  All their maneuvering and jockeying is destroying what’s left of the party,  and will ruin this precious chance we have to sweep the socialist goons out of Congress this November. 

With just 257 days remaining before Nov 2nd,  there isn’t a day to waste posturing about 2012.

2012 will take care of itself in good time, if Republicans and the TEA Parties and the old-time Dems and the fiercely independents have managed to do what needs to be done this year.  Every “Democrat” [i.e. Socialist / Progressive] and every RiNO who voted for all those big spending bills must be removed from Congress.  John McCain – it’s time to retire Sir!

So Steele’s ears are ringing.  He’s been told several times to start showing some old-time Republican Backbone.   CPAC starts today.  It will be very telling to observe if Steele stops in, since he’s not on the schedule.  My partner the Rabid Republican himself is down there, – you’ll be getting a report.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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