Michael Horowitz Covers For The Coup

Posted December 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He’s a Harvard lawyer appointed as DOJ IG by Obama in April 2012.  If we were expecting a thorough report,  we were fooled again.

Maybe the clue is that he is married to Alexandra Leigh Kauffman, – a former CNN producer.

3 Responses to “Michael Horowitz Covers For The Coup”

  1. Catherine

    Not sure I agree with you on this one. Dr Dave Janda has a two-episode analysis of the report on yourtub that I recommend highly. There is plenty of misconduct and malfeasance detailed and delineated in the report. It’s up to Durham to prosecute; that was never in Horowitz’ purview.

    Dr Dave has been one of the foremost researchers and reporters on the FISA (and other) abuses for years; look him up.

  2. Catherine

    Dr Dave:

    Part 1


    Part 2


  3. Kojack

    Catherine, just to back you up, Jeff Kuhner, Boston’s Bulldozer on WRKO 6-10am M-F went back and read the whole report, not just the summary, and said there were plenty of nefarious activities detailed in it.