Michael Cohen Feeds Democrat Hyenas

Posted February 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

LESSON FOR ALL AMERICANS:   Be very careful to scrutinize character as you retain an attorney – any attorney – for any legal issue….

Disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen repeatedly and thoroughly violated each and every tenant and cannon of Attorney-Client Privilege as he trashed Trump and fed the Trump-hating Democraps almost everything they’ve been waiting to hear.

He was well rehearsed by Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis,  and appeared to be an eager witness – often going well beyond simple direct answers to embellish his story with gratuitous details…

The Committee Democrats were looking for threads and crumbs of evidence,  – anything they can cobble together to satisfy the requirements for impeachment under Article II, § 4.

And they were fishing for almost anything imaginable; – Eleanor Holmes asking if Trump had ever paid for medical procedures – “for any woman not his wife?”

You could see the deep disappointment on their faces when Cohen testified that he’s never been to Prague….and that the once proposed Trump Tower Moscow project was canceled.

If you chose to watch the entire 7 hours – you will see the full depravity,  desperation,  and evil which is your 21st Century Democrats – on FULL display.

Instead of moving with Trump to fund the Wall and protect our Citizens,  – these 21st Century Globalist Socialists are working and scheming every day to impeach the most effective president America has ever had.

But to deranged Trump-haters,  – these scum are their heroes…..

…even as they gleefully accept as FACTS,  – the words of a CONVICTED LIAR who is enroute to Federal Prison – to serve a 3-year sentence – for lying to Congress….

As Cohen continued to violate the sanctity of his client’s Attorney-Client Privilege yesterday – – I can only conclude that he was attempting to build a case for a Presidential Pardon – should a Democrat win in November 2020.

If Cohen can be believed – Trump’s biggest failing was hiring a gutless sleazebag for a lawyer….

2 Responses to “Michael Cohen Feeds Democrat Hyenas”

  1. panther 6

    The guy is a turd and I suspect strongly hoping that this show will get him some relief from his 3 year sentence to the pokey for lying to Congress. Maybe this performance of lying will get him another 3 years but with the demorats in charge I doubt it.

  2. Integrity1st

    “Michael Cohen once bragged that he would take a bullet for his client, Donald Trump. “I’m the guy who protects the president and the family,” he insisted. More recently, Cohen offered that he would “rather jump out of a building than turn on Donald Trump,” even after the president spurned his desire for a big White House job.

    He also adamantly stated that Trump was NOT a racist.

    Cohen doesn’t just lie, he completely changes his story from one day to the next pending weather.