Michael Brown: Teenage Thug

Posted August 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Young people risked doing serious prison time acting out their rage – believing an “innocent unarmed teen” was the victim of out-of-control White Cops. Now the video tape [below the fold] tells a much different story.Michael Brown  strong-arm thug
Michael’s death was tragic, certainly unnecessary.

But so were the decisions that he and his parents made along the way.

Michael Brown  huskey teenage thug

Innocent”? Hardly!

Kids should not end up dead over $48.99. Michael Brown’s parents need to think about how they raised their son, and what values he failed to learn.  A cache of rap song lyrics he left behind are filled with violence, drugs, abuse of black women, murder, and racial hatred.

Michael Brown's parents

Once again Al Sharpton has come to town to defend the reputation and seek justice for – – another Tawana Brawley, – – another Trayvon Martin?

Michael’s actions in the minutes before his encounter with Officer Darren Wilson were hardly the actions of an “…innocent unarmed teenager on his way to college”.

Rather we see – sadly – a teenage thug and petty shoplifter, – on his way to a life of crime.

That Officer Wilson encountered Brown and his shoplifting buddy Dorian Johnson walking brazenly down the middle of the street, – certainly indicates that Brown was not in a law-abiding state of mind.

It will remain for a grand jury to determine if [as alleged] Brown scuffled with officer Wilson, attempted to grab his gun,  and acted with the same level of aggression and violence displayed minutes before when he shoved the clerk.

The facts won’t bother Al Sharpton much. He needs TV cameras the way most junkies need a fix. And if he can bully Ferguson into a big payday for the Brown family, – he’ll happily take his cut.

Jackson and Sharpton in Ferguson

Meanwhile, let’s pray for rain in Missouri, – and hope the grand jury does it’s work thoroughly. I hate to see good police officers sacrificed and handed over to the lynch mob.

And I hate to see kids growing up believing they’re somehow entitled to rip off their local merchants.

I wonder if the folks who shop there realize that for every $48.99 box of cigars their local thugs steal, – that $48.99 gets made up by increasing the price of everything in the store.

As the weeks and months pass, what will be going on in the minds of Ferguson Police Officers as they answer calls about other Black teenagers engaged in criminal activity?

Will they be slow to respond, – hesitant to use force, – putting their safety at risk so they don’t create another headline and another riot?

UPDATE: Sat 16 August 2014 – The rioting and looting continued last night – the Ferguson Market & Liquor store which Brown had robbed – was looted.

With Ferguson’s young Black population now running amok, – and the police essentially hamstrung by the DOJ and the FBI, – the honest citizens of the town must be living in real fear.

Fergurson Market looted 15 aug 2014

UPDATE: Tuesday 25 Nov 2014   Grand Jury fails to indict Officer Wilson. Credible evidence was presented that Michael Brown reached into the police cruiser and wrestled with Wilson for his gun. Moments later charged Wilson ‘head down – like a football player’.

witness statement

5 Responses to “Michael Brown: Teenage Thug”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    There always seems to be a pattern to these fatal altercations in black neighbourhoods. First there is a shooting of a young black. Second, the young black is said to be a good boy, innocent, on his way to college. Third, the community instigators or organizers enflame the unemployed youths and the riots begin. Fourth, the race baiters, Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers arrive and fortunately so does sanity. Last, the young victim was a thug who had just robbed a convenience store with his impeached witness. The media is mesmerised and continue their inane questioning because the rioting has stopped, the victim is a thug, the witness was an accomplice and the police officer involved was black. Does this ever happen in a white neighbourhood?

  2. Walter Knight

    That thug strong-armed at a store, assaulted a store clerk, then tried to murder a police officer by wrestling his gun away from him while the officer was still seated in his car. Too bad, so sad he got shot for his efforts. What do you expect leaving such a trail of mayhem.

    Now, the thug’s parents are poised to become multi-millionaires with their phony certain-to-come lawsuit. There will be a push to prosecute the officer. Facts won’t matter at the criminal or civil trials, jurors will vote their politics and race. Guess how that will turn out.

    Play the video over and over on TV.

  3. Walter Knight

    And now Missouri Democrats have proposed gun control laws to disarm the public. Ferguson’s businesses were burned. Only gun ownership kept homes safe.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Gun control laws favor the criminal/thug class. Obama loves them.

  5. Walter Knight

    Now it turns out Michael Brown was not shot running away, but shot from the front (coming at the officer). The ‘gentle giant’ all 300 pounds of him ain’t so gentle, we saw that from the store video.