Michael Bloomberg Buys Up The B-Team

Posted November 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Bloomberg just bought former Hillary / Obama / Kamala Harris staffer Kelly Mehlenbacher for an undisclosed sum,  and promises of future White House ‘positions’…
Every left-wing whore has her price…. 
And then things turned ugly….

Mehlenbacher makes the case for what we all know,  – that Democrat politicians treat people like little interchangeable Leggos – without giving a thought or a damn about them.

The NY Times got ahold of Mehlenbacher’s letter – and while not prize-winning prose,  it does tell a story of Kamala Harris’s lack of leadership. 

One Response to “Michael Bloomberg Buys Up The B-Team”

  1. Kojack

    GOOONBERG’s billions will not get him the White House. He alienated 2 major voting groups, GUN-OWNERS with his GUN BAN AGENDA and BLACKS WITH HIS STOP AND FRISK POLICY, when he was mayor who will NEVER VOTE FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT. I’m sure he’ll manage to piss-off a couple of more now that he’s gone even further left.