Mexicans Beware! Obama Is USING You!

Posted January 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Lying in VegasHe’s playing you;
– he’s not your amigo!

You dream of legal status, then citizenship. We understand, we even sympathize to a degree,…when we get past that illegal entry thing.

But Obama doesn’t ‘sympathize’. He sees you as convenient tools to continue his campaign of divide and subjugate. Dictators have done it for millennia.

For the next few years he will use you – exploit you – then abandon you to your fate, as he has Blacks, gays, college liberals and bigmouth Hollywood stars.

Don’t take it personally, – nothing is personal to Obama. You’re merely convenient pawns on his chess board.

NOTHING you can do – no amount of Obama-worship – can keep him on your side after you’ve served his purpose. Narcissists care only about themselves.

WedgeYou think he wants to make it easy for you to stay here legally, and become citizens?

Nah!  He needs to pretend to do that to drive wedges between you and the white and black communities. You’re his handy wedge.

What do I mean – using you as a wedge?

Consider just two issuesunemployment and education:
Black Unemployment Chart

UNEMPLOYMENT: Black unemployment jumped last month to 14% – but a whopping 40% among young Blacks. They’re citizens, – you’re not, – and you’re taking jobs away from them. It can only result in resentment, and worse.

classroomEDUCATION: Despite 60+ years of liberal [Democrat] domination of our school systems – Blacks continue to do poorly in inner city schools. Each year standards and expectations are lowered – to make things look better. But they keep getting worse.

Now you come along and get thrown into those same failing school systems. You think there won’t be problems?

Colleges will continue recruiting your best and brightest – giving them full or nearly-full scholarships. Now your kids will find themselves competing against Blacks [citizens] for scholarships…

Obama knows this. He understands you – your kids – will become the focal point of 150 years of Black anger. He wants the trouble – it will give him an excuse to use government force to ‘stop the violence’.

Every despot in recorded history has used one group to drive wedges in other groups – to fragment opposition – and to control a population. The Caesars did it, Mohammed, the Moguls, the Popes, the Medici, Cromwell, Napoleon, the Czars, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, the Kim family, and now – Obama.


To understand what awaits you under Obama and liberal democratic control – just look around you at the economic condition of our American Blacks.

Some prosper – we even have a half-black president. Pretty good, huh?

Black Poverty

How come so many blacks are living in poverty – even 150 years after our Civil War? It may take you awhile to figure it out – but it has to do with the racism of the Democratic Party, – decades of Jim Crow laws and the KKK, and then an awakening by Democrat leaders – that they could use Blacks as a stable voting block – by tying their lives to government checks.

So if you’d rather not have your grand-kids consigned to poverty too, – better avoid Obama and his Socialists.

Do I need to mention the number of Blacks in prison?

If you came to the USA for a better life…

avoid the Democratic Party!  First, they’re no longer ‘democrats’. Second, they don’t care to see you succeed, – they just want your reliable votes. 

So, they’ll ensnare you in government welfare programs, until you are used to getting a government check, and your kids have been dumbed down in union-run public schools.

At first they call your religious observances ‘quaint’. Then they’ll slowly restrict where and when you can display the Cross, pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and what you can talk about in school.

They’ll encourage you to serve in our military – so their kids don’t have to.

They will likely encourage having all public documents in dual language, so you aren’t forced to learn English. That helps keep you separate – isolated – from what’s going on. And if they own the Spanish-language radio and TV stations,…they control what you know about events and politics.

No matter what Congress passes – I encourage you to learn world history and American history. Learn about our Constitution, and the struggles our founders had trying to draft a document for all time.

AztlanEmbrace being American! Give up that old dream of taking back our Southwest as Aztlan. That would take a fight, and [not to hurt your feelings] Mexicans haven’t won a war since before Cortez landed in 1519. 

Get involved in politics. Insist your kids pay attention to the news, to what various politicians say, – and what they do. Learn that not every smiling face is a friend.

2 Responses to “Mexicans Beware! Obama Is USING You!”

  1. Kojack

    Unlike the immigrants in the 1900’s, 90% of hispanics don’t give a rat’s ass about America or assimilating into it and becoming American citizens….they are only here for the hand outs and they will ALWAYS support the party of personal benefit.

  2. Walter Knight

    The last race riot at my old high school was blacks against Hispanics. Maybe that’s progress because whites weren’t involved.

    The main cause of poverty is drug use. Who is going to hire a fool on drugs?