Mexican Sucker-Punch In San Jose

Posted June 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nothing quite says “Hard-Working Immigrant Dreamer” like sucker-punching a Trump supporter….
Mexican thug sucker-punch Trump supporter
The left-wing media will manage to blame this on “Trump’s racist words”,  – but I see this as the inevitable result of 7+ years of treating illegals as “undocumented Americans” and making them feel entitled to special privilegesDisturbing videos below the fold.

Mayor LiccardoThis Mexican street thug knows he’s unlikely to even be arrested for his assault; San Jose’s Democrat Mayor Sam Liccardo openly blames Trump.

Funny how Democrat political positions always revolve around ‘victims’ and ‘blame’, – and their solutions always involve more laws and bigger government….and ‘racism’ is always the root of all evil,….never greed or corruption….

So what can Citizens expect the San Jose police to do?  If the mayor is openly blaming Trump, – why bother to make arrests…?

The thug who threw the sucker-punch knows that,…instinctively.  He’s come of age in a state run by left-wingers…..

Other anti-Trump goons threw eggs…..

Folk,  brace yourself for 5 more months of this….

Everywhere in the world,  when the Left couldn’t win with ideas and vote,  – they resorted to street thuggery….

Hitler's Brown Shirts

If you’re under age 50,  you may never have heard of the Sturmabteilungthe SA,  also known as Hitler’s Brown Shirts.   Don’t be afraid, – do a little googling, and learn a little history.

Understand how today Soros, Obama, and Hillary are using street thugs to intimidate opposition and to create the illusion of widespread violence going everywhere Trump goes….

Sturmabteilung in action

Learn what happened to all the SA leadership – when Hitler didn’t need them anymore.

What do you think will happen to this La Raza Movement if Hillary wins….

Mexican Soil

Oops!  Gee,  I thought Democrats were supposed to be ‘inclusive’

Sam Liccardo

6 Responses to “Mexican Sucker-Punch In San Jose”

  1. Hunter556

    Nothing better on earth than a bunch of minorities acting EXACTLY according to the stereotypes they claim are false. Thanks for the heads up Poncho.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Thank God the “punchee” in this case didn’t/couldn’t get up and respond in kind because, certainly, he’d have ended up being arrested as the aggressor.

    Oh…..did everyone notice how the attacker ran like hell immediately after his cowardly, blindside assault? Typical…. Cowards always run.

  3. Hawk1776

    There has been so much blatant illegality lately that it’s hard comprehend. We had an Obama operative admit that the administration lied about the Iran nuclear deal and manipulated the press to win public approval. The DOJ directed settlements from financial organizations (Citicorp and Bank of America) to liberal organizations (La Raza, NeighborWorks America, etc.) instead of to victims. And now we have physical attacks on Trump supporters. Where were the police? It’s obvious they were ordered away by the mayor. WTF is going on? We are on the edge of anarchy. These people have to be stopped and (hopefully) put in jail.

  4. kojack

    Time to don black masks, publicly beat some illegals and burn some Mexican flags.


    And THAT Kojack – is EXACTLY the scenario that Soros is trying to sucker us into….

    ….because THEN Obama can declare a ‘national emergency’, – postpone the elections, – and declare martial law….

  5. kojack

    Beating the piss out of ill-behaved CRIMINALS who shouldn’t even be here wouldn’t be a serious enough event (i.e. mass revolution for example) to justify martial law but would send a clear message to the lefties/illegals and if Obysmal had the stones to try it patriots would see right thru for what it was.

    Since the decrepit scum bag Soros is openly interfering in the internal affairs of our country he justifiably needs to be taken out by some former Spec. Ops. guys.

  6. Mt Woman

    America is quickly becoming a third world nation under Obama. Everything seems to go in the liberal eyes of the Democratic party and this corrupt administration. No matter how you view the incidents, this is unprovoked assault and battery on at least three people–plain and simple! To compound the violence and condone the actions the city’s mayor announces that the near riot was due to the speech of Donald Trump. How ludicrous!!!–the violent offenders need to spend time behind bars for assault and battery and the mayor needs to go behind bars for sheer stupidity!! GO DONALD, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!