Merry Christmas To A Communist Mayor

Posted December 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

4 injured in morning bomb attack – including the would-be bomber.  His device may have failed to fully detonate,  NYPD says he’s in custody.

During his nearly 8 years in office,  know-it-all Mayor de Blasio has made a daily thing of thumbing his nose at the Federal Government,  – and at US immigration laws.   He sees himself as King of NY City – – and by damn – he’ll make the rules!

Now an ISIS inspired immigrant from Bangladesh has ruined the morning commute,  – and dozens of New Yorkers can be grateful his bomb malfunctioned.

This is just 6 weeks after Uzbecki refugee-turned ISIS Killer Sayfullo Saipov drove his rented pickup down a bike path in NYC – killing 8 people.

These evil acts are not ‘Crimes’ – to be dealt with using our Federal and State Criminal Codes….

Per the Geneva and Hague Conventions – – these are WAR CRIMES, – to be dealt with by a Military Tribunal, and the DEATH PENALTY quickly carried out!


4 Responses to “Merry Christmas To A Communist Mayor”

  1. Clinton ma tea party

    Does anyone else think that we should start holding these liberal morons accountable for letting in these terrorists into our country without vetting them. Also I believe that these liberals who wants Sanctuary cities so they can how’s our enemies of the United States right here in our own country to make it easier for them to kill us because that is their ultimate goal to kill us all and to change our government from a constitutional government to their freaking Sharia law. This also Act of traitorous activities and they should be jailed for helping the enemy.

  2. Jeffrey Wallens

    People elect this guy. Our side basically didn’t field a candidate.

  3. Kojack

    This 7th century savage turd got here as a result of CHAIN MIGRATION. Now his F-d up family is complaining that their privacy is being violated. I THINK IT’S TIME WE STARTED THE CHAIN DEPORTAION OF MUSLIM TERRORIST FAMILIES.

  4. MC

    Agree completely with Kojack: If a family can’t assimilate to our culture or if any family member/relative acts out a terrorist threat or act, they all should be deported instantly..except maybe the one committing the crime. Gitmo sounds like a wonderful place for him.