Merry Christmas Barack!

Posted December 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

That’s right Barack – Merry Christmas! 

And it is C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s, the birthday of Jesus Christ – born of Mary in a stable in Bethlehem.  Come to save mankind from our sinful ways.  HE is our Messiah!

Merry Christmas Democrats!

Shame on you for giving us Obama and this slide into socialism.  Please help us turn it around after watching nearly two years of near 10% unemployment.  By now even you can see it isn’t working. Do you really want to see folks rioting here like they have been in Greece and London?

Mister Obama, please enjoy your CHRISTMAS vacation.  Read, play a little golf, enjoy time with the girls.  Sorry about that ‘no swimming’ thing, we understand there is a little ‘problem’ with the water.  As I recall, same thing happened when you vacationed on the Vineyard.

Do you ~ suppose ~ God is sending you little messages about your behavior and your policies?  Just a thought. . .

Merry Christmas Joe Biden!  If you can live through these next two years you should be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.  Meanwhile we here at RRB are counting on you for at least a gaff a week.  Yeah, it is a ‘big #ucking deal’!  Merry Christmas Joe!

Merry Christmas incoming Republican Legislators and Governors! 
Whee!  Thank God!
[Don’t blow it!]

Merry Christmas to our nationwide staff of trained agents.  Without your help we couldn’t publish this thing.  A VERY special thanks to the kids on the night crew

Merry Christmas Troops!  You kids downrange stay safe, and continue to be lethal!

Merry Christmas Terrorists!  Tonight ~ may ~ be your last chance to reconsider your life choices.  Just try to imagine how stupid you’re going to feel when Saint Peter tells you that you can’t come in and by-the-way – there aren’t any virgins at all where you’re going.   In fact, where you’re going – you’ll be the virgins!

Merry Christmas Old Soldiers everywhere!  You know and I know things the rest will never understand.  We’ve all seen lonelier and scarier Christmases, and lived to remember them tonight.

Merry Christmas New Babies – here and everywhere.  We’ve been waiting for you!  We’ll try real hard to clean up a few ‘problems’ before you’re old enough to have to deal with them yourselves.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And BTW Barack, when you think that just maybe you’re really something – consider the Carina Nebula.  Socialism didn’t make this, – God did!  Again, Merry Christmas!

Carina Nebula - long way from here!

One Response to “Merry Christmas Barack!”

  1. JohnHopkinton

    If you claim God created that, you also have to claim God created black holes, deadly meteors, and natural disasters. But you don’t emphasize that because it would make your god look violent, petty, and stupid, just like you, actually. Or maybe just nonexistent.
    Merry Christmas John!

    I hope your outlook improves as the day goes by!

    /s/ Iron Mike