MEMO TO: MassGOP Committee Critters

Posted November 23rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Nassour’s resignation was a blessing….

D O N’T  B L O W  I T !

In 7 short days you’ll gather in Newton to elect a new Republican Chairman. If you accept his bribes or bow to the Romney pressure – you’ll vote for Bob Maginn.

If you do you’ll likely help lose the 2012 election for whoever our Republican candidate is.

With that you’ll lose our quasi-Republican senator, and ALL NINE (9) House seats. You’ll send all nine incumbent kleptomaniacs back with added seniority.

Your choices are McNamara or Maginn. The conservative outsider [bound to shake things up] vs. the liberal Romney sidekick – who will funnel all available funds to Romney.

  There are several obvious problems with Maginn:

– his $2,400.oo donation to Chuck Schumer

– his $25,000 radio ad OCPF problem in 2003

– his wife publicly cozying up to Occupy Boston

– his instinct to offer blatant bribes for votes

– his unwillingness to answer blunt questions

– his unwillingness to debate McNamara face-to-face

– his face is now the image of the wealthy Republican fat-cat throwing money around and buying votes

WORSE: Both the press and the bloggers are already making fun of him as “Mitt’s Puppet”. This will NOT help us get our message out, – or bring voters and dollars in.

These are precisely the kinds of things which taint our Republican Brand, – causing unenrolled and independent voters to see us as no better than Democrats – and shun us.

Maginn’s wife Chai Ling is just as lovely a young woman as is Jennifer Nassour.

But the story of her identifying her sympathies with Occupy Boston is JUST AS DAMAGING as when Jennifer surrendered our Republican Principles to Bay Windows.

  Yes, we need a Chairman who can raise money…

But MORE THAN JUST THAT, we need a Chairman who has lived, breathed and can give clear voice to our Republican Message.

Jennifer failed miserably at getting our message out, and the money stopped coming in.

I can ~ almost ~ forgive some of you who voted for her in 2009. She was way cuter than Joe or Mike. But re-electing her after our 2010 disaster was simply reinforcing failure. You blew it – badly!

  So now you get a chance to fix it.

In Frank McNamara you get a lifetime Republican with the battle scars to prove it.

A naval officer he served two tours in the waters off Vietnam.

He was US Attorney for Massachusetts appointed by Ronald Reagan.

He is a pro-2nd Amendment gun owner.

He lives and breathes wholesome conservative Christian, American, and Republican values.

He and his wife are raising 12 kids!

He is a seasoned trial attorney.

He thinks on his feet AND he has a sense of humor.

There isn’t a Democrat in the Commonwealth who can push him around.


CONSIDER THIS: A KEY reason why the TEA Party grew so fast after Obama was elected is that Conservatives and Constitutional Patriots could not look upon our GOP as anything they wanted to be associated with.

Past MassGOP leaders have given us a well-deserved reputation for backroom deals and inept or nonexistent statewide campaigns.

For all of the so-called ‘expertise’ and ‘experience’ – our GOP has surrendered the State house to the Democrats for over 40 years.

We were not a believable or credible political force. Bluntly put – we were a frail skeleton of a party led by an inexperienced lightweight – a Party Chair Barbie Doll.

We couldn’t recruit members because our message was being deliberately obscured.

We have a LOT of credibility to rebuild in 11 short months. We cannot waste a minute.

And JUST at this CRITICAL MOMENT – Bob Maginn [with Romney’s backing?] openly tries to BUY YOUR VOTES – and with that YOUR HONOR, – for the promise of a website?

THINK ABOUT IT: Was this ‘political expertise’, – arrogance, – or the desperate blunder of a politically insensitive fool?

AND – if it happens that Romney is NOT the GOP Nominee, – will Maginn resign and return to Jenzabar in the middle of the most important election in your lifetime?

Really, aren’t you tired of seeing the empty mills, the empty factories, and the empty storefronts?

The same old – same old – just ain’t gonna cut it this time!

I URGE you to put your personal politics, your egos, and your individual wants aside. For the good of our GOP, for our beleaguered Commonwealth, and our deeply debt-ridden Republic, – vote for Frank McNamara on November 30th.

Happy Thanksgiving!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Republicans, a list of your committee critters can be found here and here.  They’re all up for re-election on March 6th!


7 Responses to “MEMO TO: MassGOP Committee Critters”

  1. TeaTime

    Our country needs this self-serving, arrogant, social club portraying themselves as a political party, to evolve into a force to be reckoned with at ALL levels of elections. We have to put forth a strong, clear message.

    It makes me want to go back to UNENROLLED.

  2. Ralph B.

    Over the past several years, haven’t all of you seen enough of the RINO characters acting like they are conservatives, nevermind the moon bats Mass. liberals.

    What we need is a true conservative, no nonesense person to begin the transformation process from liberalism to someone who can respect the values of patriotism. Frank McNamara is a person who will lead the true GOP into what this country should be.

    So let’s all provide some good news for a change and make a positive start for 2012. My God,we need some good news, and the time is NOW. We need a big win in Mass.

  3. sad4magop

    We have the best State Committe that money can buy. Cash, of course.

  4. Michelle

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have been in a tailspin for decades now. The status quo just ain’t cuttin’ it. The MAGOP has been backing losing candidates or liberal candidates for years now. They took credit for the 17 reps (18 counting Keiko) who got elected. It wasn’t the MAGOP which got our freshmen reps in, it was the conservative grassroots groups that did the grunt work to get them elected.

    We are the ones who are sick and tired of the “go along to get along” mentality of the status quo, so we are the ones who will eventually take back our state. We don’t want another liberal lockstepper in charge of the MAGOP again.

    We want a conservative Chair who will lead us and help us to accomplish our task. Only when many of the MAGOP sitting committee people realizes they represent way less than the 11% registered R voters in this God forsaken state, will they understand, WE CONSERVATIVES DON’T WANT THE CANDIDATES YOU KEEP SHOVING DOWN OUR THROATS NO MATTER WHAT!

    HEY MAGOP – We’ve had it with your anointing and your conniving for dollars. Our state is at stake. Don’t forget, WE have many conservative Unenrolleds in OUR midst. WE stand together as the grassroots activists.

    Massagimmiechusetts didn’t get this way overnight and it will take a while to straighten this mess out which you helped get us in. If you aren’t part of the solution, …………. just get out of the way!

    McNamara for MAGOP Chair. Then we’ll concentrate on next year.

    And you can call us divisive all you want just because we don’t agree with you. Well guess what, YOU are being divisive for not agreeing with US. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. Sylvester

    I have been saying it all along. The MASSGOP so called LEADERS are DEMOCRATS. Their lastest pick for Party Chair gives money to the Democrats and is trying to buy his seat. I am not suprised.

    When Jen the “Barbie Doll” took over Republicans were at 12%. Now we are down sized to 11%. They keep telling the conservatives to sit down and shut up. The Membership Committee Chairman is doing a bang up job. AT most of the State Committee meetings there is never a report from this turkey. Now we know why.

    Time for the RINO’s and liberal Democrats that have creeped their way into the party to leave.


  6. Anne Hilbert

    I read yesterday’s commentary from Ms Rapoza it was refreshing. I would like to tell those with an open mind she was right on. As a candidate for state committee woman in 2004 I was running against “the grand dame” Polly Logan, and also another candidate Janet Fogarty. I was harassed for three weeks to get out of the race by higher ups. I would not withdraw, finally Victor Papp who is now my district councillor called me up and told me to get out, I would not fit in. I am a social conservative, and he professes to be? He was a campaign manager for Karen P.
    who we all know failed.