MEMO TO: Democrats and Independents

Posted November 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Your Anger Is Totally Justified!

Your anger at the failure of the Democrats you put in office back in 2006 and 2008 is totally justified.  They failed to keep their promises.  They lied through their teeth, in your face, and after tricking you out of your vote they went off and proved they weren’t really ‘Democrats’.  They are Progressives at best, and many are outright Socialists. 

They placed a young Senator of questionable citizenship on their ballot in August 2008, and called you ‘racist’ for questioning it.  They supported thugs in the SEIU, in MoveON, in Organizing for America, in La Raza, and a dozen other often innocent and even patriotic-sounding groups.  We told you they were receiving foreign backing, from the Middle East, from China, and from George Soros.  You scoffed, and called us right-wing paranoids.

Today you’re not laughing.  Over 10% of you have been laid off.  Your 401K funds are diminished and you’ve had to use some of that money to stay afloat.  Your state and your nation are both badly in debt – $14 Trillion in debt.  Everywhere you drive you see empty storefronts.  Both the Europeans and the Chinese have expressed “concern”.  As a voter you should take that as a flashing emergency light.

Today every citizen of Massachusetts owes $4K to cover our Commonwealth debt, and another $44K to cover our Federal debt.  Social Security and Medicare are nearly broke, and they won’t be fixed by the hordes of illegal immigrants streaming in across our southern border.  The Progressives flatly don’t care.  They simply don’t believe in borders. 

Most ‘Democrats’ who display lawn signs for Duh-val Patrick, Coakley, Tsongas, Eldridge, Benson et al, don’t fly the American flag.  In truth they’d rather be ruled by a one-world UN government than be a participating citizen on ours.  Foolishly many of them think this is the only way to prevent wars.  They haven’t been to an inner city neighborhood in awhile.

Here in Massachusetts [aka Tax-a-chusetts] many Democrats have either learned a flawed and slanted version of history, or ignored it all together.  Most don’t have a clue about what went on here in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.  For them their world began in Junior High.

Those large ugly brick factories and mills that blight their cities and town annoy them.  These modern and very spoiled Democrats don’t know that their Party began in those buildings, when they were the muscle and bones of the Industrial Revolution.  Today those historic old mills are just eyesores, – firetraps they’d like to convert to elderly housing – for the very people who once worked in them.

Modern ‘Democrats” are the useful idiots of 21st Century Socialists.  They’ve been schooled to believe that social problems are created by rich, greedy, and ruthless Republican fat cats.  And if we could just tax those fat cats enough there would be money enough to soothe all the social ills in North America.  Everybody could than live comfortably.

 Neighbor, if you just nodded in agreement as you read those words, you’ve truly been had.  Somebody else owns your brain.

If you’re convinced that if only somebody really smart – like Hillary – was running the government, that Socialism would really work, – you are ignoring all the lessons of History.

Castro was ‘really smart’ – look what he did with a thriving economy.  Seen anybody trying to reach Cuba on an inner tube?

Tomorrow should be your personal “come to grips with reality” day.  Tomorrow you should look at that pack of Progressive scoundrels on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill and sweep them into the gutter.  Off with their heads!

As for Congress, think long and hard about 10+% unemployment [up to 18% in some cities], $14 Trillion of National Debt.  Think about our unsecured southern border, and a series of gathering threats – China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico – that our current pack of ‘Democrats’ cannot see because they are pre-occupied with Al Gore’s “Man-Made Global Warming” and Obama’s world apology tours and “spreading the wealth around”. 

Think about the idiocy of trying to bail out our country by borrowing money from the Chinese to spend on projects and programs which don’t work and have no oversight or accountability.

Think about the idiocy of ObamaCare which did nothing to stop the medical lawsuit industry and failed to let insurance companies compete for your business the way car companies do.

Think of the arrogance of the “Stimulus” bill – which was a payoff to union labor for their thuggery, their votes, and their money.

Think of the idiocy of Obama sending troops into harm’s Way – and in the same breath announcing to our enemies his pull-out date.  Think of the idiocy of the 400,000 pages of highly secret defense and state department documents leaked to Wikileaks – without Obama lifting a finger to stop it.

Think of the arrogant indifference of Obama playing golf on a regular basis while an oil well leaked in the Gulf of Mexico, – his only preoccupation being to secure a $20 Billion PB slush fund for his goon to oversee. 

Think of the dark racial overtones of Eric Holder’s Justice Department which per sworn testimony will only look into voter intimidation when the victim is Black.

Think of living in Southern Arizona with hordes of illegals moving through your back yard.

You have a right to be disappointed and angry!

Worse, many ‘Republicans’ aren’t a whole lot better!

I’m probably the first person who will agree with you – some ‘Republicans’ are really just spineless RiNOs, not unlike ‘cafeteria Catholics’.  They are the product of their socialist education and the fact that they have lived their entire lives amid plenty.  They’ve never been hungry, never been poor, or unemployed, or helpless and terrified.  Many have never worn a uniform since Cub Scouts, never shouldered a rifle, and never sailed or flown into Harm’s Way.

They are a totally protected and totally spoiled lot of milk sops.  They’d be worthless in a fight, and they’re worthless in government.  If we can’t get rid of them this year, let’s damn sure do it in 2012!

But the choice you face Tuesday is clear and stark:  continue our national slide into third world socialism or jam on the breaks and fight to regain our national honor.


OK, so you grew up a Democrat . . . You’ve never voted Republican . . . You’re not sure you can do it.   Think of it this way:  two years ago our unemployment stood at 6%.  Today it’s at 10%.  You may not have liked George W. Bush, but he’s been gone for two yearsTHINK!

Let’s say that you go ahead and vote Democrat . . . How will you feel in 2012 if unemployment has reached 14% or 16%, and the Chinese have stopped buying our bonds?  Will that STILL be Bush’s fault?  Or yours?

Vote Republican this year and stop the madness.  Then come 2012, let’s find even BETTER Republicans!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “MEMO TO: Democrats and Independents”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    From a person who saw through this phony many, many months ago, before he entered the 2008 race and also one who has been called “trash and a racist” by his moonbat supporters, I look forward with great anticipation to the voters revenge on November 2nd. My only concern is that the conspiracy to steal the election in some states is already in process. The only way to defeat these progressive socialists is to bury them with such overwhelming numbers that their conspiracy will be in vain.

  2. Even more perplexed American

    I do believe in lower spending and lowering the national deficit and the unemployment rate. But whether or not you support president Obama, you cannot deny that the unemployment rate and deficit raised during George W. Bush’s presidency. President Obama has been handed all of these issues and only given one year to give huge results and that is simply unreasonable. This is not a time for extreme right wing or extreme left wing politics, we need to come together and make actual decisions based on real economic numbers and facts. Like any republican, I want lower taxes, but how do we pay off a deficit while cutting taxes? The simple arithmetic shows lower spending combined with tax cuts will not result in anything but a higher deficit. Republicans and Democrats and Independents need to put their money where their mouth is and actually do some real math. Lofty speeches with tall order promises do not run this country. Quit being prisoners of your parties and simply make decisions based on facts. Period.