GOP goes down in defeat!

Another RINO bites the dust as the Tea Party shows that it hasn’t been dormant, it was just working the opportunities. Yes, the days of the flamboyant Tea Parties are past us as we move into the new era of Tea Party activism. We’ve spent a lot of time learning politics over the past two years. We’ve watched, listened, learned and planned. And today those plans paid off. The Tea Party chalks up a major victory by defeating the old RINO Dick Lugar.

Richard Mourdock soundly trounced Lugar and put him out to think about his loyalties. We sent strong messages in 2010 and the first salvo of 2012 was fired across the bow of the RINO-loving GOP today as Lugar leaves a lifelong career, turning over the reins to a true conservative.

I predict that this is the first in a long line of Tea Party victories this election season. We’re tanned, rested, and ready. Ready to fight for the principles we know are still there in America. The principles that most Americans are awakening to as they see the disarray and discredit Obama has brought to us. True Americans know what our principles are. We know what it takes to make America great again. And, we’re going all the way this time.

I’m sure the GOP doesn’t realize it yet, they probably think that this election was a fluke. That Indianans aren’t like the rest of America. They’re wrong. Dead wrong. And their candidates will go down in flames this season all across America.

Wake up, fellow Tea Partiers. It’s our time again. Let’s take America back and show the world that we can restore our greatness again. rr

5 Responses to “Media Wrong Again… The Tea Party Flexes Its Muscle, and WINS!”

  1. Iron Mike

    Say ‘bye-bye‘ Dick. You had 36 years to get it right! Jeez!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    The picture is awesome. Long live the Tea Party. You know things are looking really good when Rush takes on a Tea Party group as a sponsor. He and RRB always get it right.

  3. Sue

    I can feel sorry for the above rhino but the two legged kind- not so much. No, not at all!

  4. jim morose

    Most career politians have their vote-prints on much of our $17-trillion dollar debt, And our super-sized tyranical governemt. Lujger was never the solution, he and his compromising partners are the problem.

    It isnow time for the rinos to hold their nose and VOTE TEA PARTY!!!


  5. Sam Adams

    One more establishment sock-puppet bites the dust. A few more to go.
    Speaking of sock-puppets, if Scott Brown really believes that the states ought to decide the issue of legalized gay marriage, why doesn’t he use his influence to have the state (otherwise known as the people) allow a vote on it??