Media Declares WAR on Trump

Posted May 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Journalism be DAMNED!   We want his HEAD!”

Trump is the uninvited outsider,  and they hate him just for being there, – disrupting their life patterns, – not kowtowing to them,  – and largely ignoring them.  
This is the greatest combined attack since D-Day in Normandy

We’re witnessing a combined assault by Democrats,  Obama’s Deep State,  the Beltway Insiders,  the Left-Wing Media,  and even some RiNOs on this outsider President.

James Comey cannot be trusted.

Remember that Comey is the guy who whitewashed the Clintons’ Whitewater Land Deal – letting them off the hook.   He also whitewashed their pardon of Marc Rich..

But he then sent Martha Stewart to prison – for lying to investigators about her insider stock sale…?

BUT,…then as Obama’s chosen FBI Director,  Comey slow-walked investigations of Fast & Furious,  Benghazi,  and Hillary’s illegal private server…and SAT on the WikiLeaks – Seth Rich connection evidence….

QUESTION:  How many times did Hillary and her cartel lie about her home-brew email server and the thousands of classified messages she and her posse sent through that unsecured machine…?

So Comey said she was “careless…but not criminal…”?

Now the Soros toadies at the NY Times and the Washington Post have joined in an assault on President Trump – for allegedly giving secrets to the Russians,  – and for trying to scuttle the FBI’s investigation of Mike Flynn…?

We’re to believe – FROM THESE SOURCES – that in February Trump asked Comey to quash the Flynn investigation;  – and that Comey went home ‘and wrote a memo’…?

I can totally envision Trump – a man who likes action – asking Comey if he can “speed up the Flynn investigation so Flynn can move on with his life…”.

But of course – having now been FIRED,…Comey is looking to be the man who brings down Trump. 

Coloring and re-phrasing an event would be just the ticket!

IF IT HAPPENED,  – why didn’t he go immediately to the Acting Attorney General and the media – the very next morning…?

Suddenly the air is pungent with the odors of deceit and revenge; and the fake outrage of the left-wing media. There is talk of IMPEACHMENT!

But of course the Left never reads our Constitution when it matters….

From Article I § 2 (last paragraph):

The House….shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

From Article I § 3 (last paragraph):

…no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.”

It has been 18 years and 5 months – nearly to the day – since the House voted a Bill of Impeachment against Bill Clinton – for lying under oath about his sperm stains on a dark blue dress.  

Democrats have been seething – waiting for their revenge.

Desperate now – they’re willing to twist the truth and manufacture evidence if they can get to the “Hated Trump”….and Comey is just too willing to be their tool.

But what Comey doesn’t realize,…is that forever more he won’t be known at that extraordinarily tall Prince of American Justice….

No,…now Comey will be forever known as “that fucking Comey!”

How many times does the NY Times and the Bezos Post have to get a story totally wrong before the rest of the media yawns and does their own homework?

It’s Wednesday morning as we await the next Left-Wing Manufactured Shoe to drop – – as in a world gone mad – Private Bradley Manning (now ‘Chelsea’) will soon walk out of Leavenworth Federal Prison – 28 years early (Obama Pardon) – after spilling REAL SECRETS!

8 Responses to “Media Declares WAR on Trump”

  1. Panther 6

    Comey could be in REALLY DEEP trouble. There is a truly great article by Gregg Jarrett of Fox News on the FOX Web site. It is a lesson in LOGIC 101 as was taught me by an older Dominican Priest, WW II Army First Sergeant, whose wife passes away and he entered the clergy.

    This article lays out completely where the Comey problem is and what is at stake. Gregg J has unmasked completely Comey and the MSM viral hatred for our President. Just my midget opinion.

  2. MC

    I didn’t realize that as of February 23rd John Podesta is a contributing columnist for the Washington Post.

  3. Kojack

    Trump should take a page from Barry Hussein’s playbook and IGNORE THE RULE OF LAW AND THE ESTABLISHMENT.

    In scandal after scandal, from not prosecuting or investigating voter fraud in the City of Brotherly Hate and Fast and Furious to weaponizing the IRS, Benghazi, not enforcing the immigration laws and Hillary Rotten’s illegal server with classified emails and everything in between, NO ONE WAS ARRESTED, FIRED OR REPRIMANDED EVEN WHEN THE VIOLATERS FLAGRANTLY,UNQUESTIONABLY AND ARROGANTLY BROKE THE LAW(all with Obysmal’s blessing). In fact, Holder was found in contempt of congress and what happened – nothing! The only one to get punished was General Flynn(who should not have been fired). The excuse was involvement with the Russian’s – the real reason was because Flynn told the truth about islam, saying that it was a violent ideology not a religion.

    Trump should:
    1.)Fire ALL of the Obysmal holdovers and anyone suspected of leaks or questionable loyalties.

    2.)Ignore the 9th circuit and enforce and expand the travel ban.

    3.)Arrest Obysmal, Hillary Rotten, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Eric with-Holder and anyone else who broke the law during Barry Hussein’s rule.

    4.)Ignore the very fake news.

    Barry broke the law to destroy America – TRUMP SHOULD IGNORE THESE QUISLINGS AND BUILD HER BACK UP!!!

  4. Kojack

    Addendum to above:

    The sum of the domestic and international scandels including creating the vacuum that led to rise of ISIS caused the deaths of many 1000’s including Americans.

  5. Panther 6

    In response to Kojack well said and a bullseye. But I doubt we ever see any move on the Clinton’s and BO. Hope I am wrong.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Please….all you folks out there who refer to the previous pResident at “Barry”, please stop. It is highly offensive to the rest of us who are named Barry!

  7. Iron Mike

    Go to your “Safe Space” Barry! The pistol range!

  8. Hawk1776

    The Trump hysteria had reached epidemic proportions. These people need to get a grip on reality. They are acting like anarchists.