McCain’s Buddy Kramer Takes The 5th

Posted February 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

David used to work for the State Department – before working for the McCain Institute,  – and he was a key bit player in getting the Steele Document (Golden Showers) into McCain’s hands,  – so McCain could deliver it to the FBI,  – all in an attempt to discredit Trump.

Now after talking with the staffers on the House Intel Committee,  and faced with a subpoena to come tell more UNDER OATH,  – David has “taken the Fifth”.    Sad,  McCain was my hero – last Century,  – but now he seems very dirty.   Was he an accessory before the fact in defrauding the FISA Court?

One Response to “McCain’s Buddy Kramer Takes The 5th”

  1. MC

    Besides Trump and company I wonder how many others were wrongfully targeted with a FISA warrant in the era of Obama.