McCabe’s Antics: Building An Insanity Defense…?

Posted February 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He volunteered (likely was paid) for this grilling by five virulent anti-Trump women,  – yet even here his eye movements are those of a cornered snake.

Given the crimes and acts of treason he has recently admitted to,…how can he avoid prison,  – unless he can lay a convincing groundwork for ‘having been under great pressure’ for several years,  – and “not in his right mind”video

Several times he seems not to be directly answering the questions,  – but rather speaking over their heads to a future jury.  Judge for yourself…

Somehow married life is making Meghan very fat….

One Response to “McCabe’s Antics: Building An Insanity Defense…?”

  1. Ben

    It’s really sad that a few agents at the top of the FBI can infect all the good that the other agents do. What a P,.O.S. this guy is. These guys must have been paid off by Bill and Hillary. Then go on the worst show possible. Unbelievable!


    In 2015 when McCabe’s wife Jill was running for the Virginia State Senate, then governor Terry McAuliffe gave her $467,500 (by from his friends the Clintons) for her campaign. Paid off? You BET!