McAuliffe’s Lincoln Project “White Racists”

Posted October 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

In his desperation to discredit Youngkin and win the Governor’s Seat again,  McAuliffe – or a staffer – forgot that “White Racists” are supposed to be WHITE!

We shouldn’t be surprised at either the level of desperation,  – the dirty tricks,  – or the utter ineptitude in casting.   Democraps screw everything up!

Is it possible that some young McAuliffe staffer thought it would be important to include a token EEO/AA “White Racist”….to avoid pushback form Virginia’s Black Communities…?

So this group shows up in Charlottesville – the scene of deadly riots in 2017,  perhaps thinking they could ignite a racial pushback against the Republican Glenn Youngkin.

But they failed,  and the whole thing has blown back in McAuliffe’s face.  It shows you how soulless and corrupt all Democraps are.

With luck – these five won’t be getting comfortable state jobs in any McAuliffe Administration.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Hey, even Black White Racists need to eat