Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Nightmare Summer

Posted July 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Back in 2016 he thought he could be a better mayor than Charlie Hales, – but he’s far more of a liberal idealist and ooey-gooey policy guy than he is a leader.   Soros targeted his city as a training ground for his fascist armies of young “AntiFAs”,   and Wheeler is still trying to be the über-liberal.
The “George Floyd protests” are merely convenient cover;  Portland has been targeted as a training ground for years,  – and Wheeler has failed to grasp how dangerous the situation is.

Wheeler may think this is just another political protest.   He’s dead wrong!

He’s been selected – because he is conspicuously weak, – by the George Soros sponsored Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front – the latest edition of AntiFA.

It’s an experiment to see how much damage they can do, – how deeply they can wound the Capitalist Economy,  – before the city surrenders,   – or calls in Federal help.

Wheeler is the perfect target,  – because he secretly sympathizes with many of these goon’s stated goals and objectives.  Portland elected a pussycat,  when they needed a mountain lion.

Come the very end, when Portland collapses and Oregon’s equally liberal governor Kate Brown is unable / unwilling to act,  Trump will have to step in with federal law enforcement,  and maybe federal troops.

Most Americans (Wheeler and Brown included) have never read our Constitution.

We refer you to Article IV, § 4.  We suggest you google it and read it yourself.

Meanwhile:  If you live in Oregon,  don’t count on the Police being able to respond to your 911 call.  Ammo UP!

2 Responses to “Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Nightmare Summer”

  1. Walter Knight

    It is only a matter of time before the Left starts assassinating mayors. Mayors are soft targets. It’s what they do.

  2. panther 6

    Good point Walter; wonder what the rest of them will do when the first one bites the dust??