Mayor Ted Wheeler Flails The Air

Posted April 25th, 2021 by Iron Mike

He’s the epitome of a soy-boy in way over his head.  He’s got nothing but commies on his city council,  – and a Soros toady for a DA.   He’s spent 2+ years bashing the police,  – he refused to ask Trump for help.

Now Wheeler wants help from defenseless private citizens?   Maybe he should arrest Schmidt for aiding and abetting insurrection?  What has changed?

The Soros thugs have changed tactics.  Instead of trying to burn down the Federal Courthouse and the INS building, – –

.they’ve moved their roving mobs into the nice residential neighborhoods,  – scaring the crap out of average citizens who were previously content to ‘ride it out’…


Taking full advantage of already-liberal populations – Seattle,  Portland,  California,….he has paid for both the DAs who will refuse to prosecute,…

.and the city councils who will vote to defund the police,….

…AND the BLM and AntiFA mobs….who are largely now self-funding because they know how to shake down major corporations for MILLION$$$…

He has created islands of utter chaos,  – utter lawlessness,  – in cities that were once idyllic places of beauty, peace, and calm.

If he can do it there,  – he (and his 4 evil sons) can do it in your city,  then your town.

Who will outlast the other…?

.the gutless spineless soy-boy mayor…?

…or the sinister cunning grinning Cheshire cat DA Schmidt?

At what point will armed citizens form their own posses?

Ammo up Folks!   With Biden in the Oval Office,  and Merrick Garland at the DOJ, – things are going to get MUCH WORSE – and soon. 

Summer is coming! 

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