Mayor Lovely’s Terrible Scary Day…

Posted September 9th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Ms. Lovely Wright is a lawyer and career politician, – first elected Mayor of Rochester NY in 2013,  previously a member of the City Council since 2007.  She was once a summer law clerk for Elliot Spitzer…

With her city of 206,000 people enduring endless race riots and no end in sight,  – her top cops just quit.  She is badly shaken and has no clue. VIDEO:


If any Black person is shot and wounded or killed by police, – NO MATTER WHAT CRIME they just committed,  – the police are GUILTY! (per BLM)

If you attempt to discuss details, facts, or circumstances,  – you are guilty of systemic racism, – and must be destroyed personally and financially.

Police and City Leadership must be put on trial for murder.


BLM doesn’t give a flaming fuck about ANY black life.  If they did they’d have already burned the abortion mills to the ground,  – then gone into our inner cities and disbanded the drug gangs.

To BLM, Black “victims” are just propaganda martyrs,  – to be used to stir up mobs of useful idiots who will incinerate blocks of their own neighborhoods,  – then move to the tony and expensive shopping areas and incinerate them too.

Ask yourself:  why are so many young white people involved in these BLM riots,  – unless Soros has found that Black-only mobs are unreliable,  – so he uses trained and proven young radical communists…?

When media mouths and civic leaders start reacting by talking of ‘Police Reform’ and ‘Racial Awareness’ – they are stupidly taking the BAIT,  – and helping BLM divert public awareness from the REAL BATTLE.

BLM is an urban terrorist guerrilla army funded by George Soros with the goal of inciting a violent (shooting) class revolution and overthrowing our government.  To them any and all “black lives” are merely their expendable cannon fodder to be flung on the barbed wire and trampled under foot.



As RRB has been preaching for these past 12 years – voters should NEVER vote for the ‘nice’, the handsome or pretty,  – or the progressive candidate.  EVER!!!

Vote for the person best suited to lead you through the worst crisis of your life – when your very life may be at risk,  – and your property has been swept away by flood, fire, tornado, or race riot.

Today we are watching the city leadership of Rochester caving to the race mob.  The 9-member City Council is 5:4 Black, led by Loretta Scott,  – a Black Great Grandmother.  They are ill-suited to deal with a city under siege.

Don’t vote your town or your city into becoming the next Rochester or the next Portland!

4 Responses to “Mayor Lovely’s Terrible Scary Day…”

  1. Jim Buba

    Just now beginning to emerge in media is the ‘Stark revelation’ that each of these ‘unarmed black men’ are, first and foremost, criminal miscreants.

    Soon enough, they will be reported to have died of ‘Natural Causes’.

  2. panther 6

    It has been obvious since the Micheal Brown, Ferguson MO, incident that most, not all, but most of the folks being shot and killed have long police records and are far from sterling citizens. In nine out of 20 cases they die resisting or fighting with the police….Yet the communities of color and BLM raise them to a level of Sainthood far above most of us. Interesting that Mayor Warren finds herself the object of BLM attention!

  3. Walter Knight

    It must be hard on liberals when all their heroes are felons.

  4. Kojack

    This is what happens when executive offices are treated like kindergarten lunch lines where everyone gets a turn to go first or AA/EOE.