Mayor London Breed’s Festering Shithole

Posted October 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If you want a peek into what our Young Republic will become if ever the new progressive left achieves their ‘revolution’ – just look at Seattle,  Portland,  and San Francisco.  2 videos:

Note in the photo above that it is a Black AntiFA/BLM thug punching the Trump supporter.

Race and skin color mean NOTHING to these communist goons;  “Black Lives Matter” is just a marketing slogan that stupid and uninformed people fall for…

San Francisco has some inescapable problems which Mayor Breed seems content to ignore:

– a water shortage,  – an electrical power shortage with rolling blackouts,  – active earthquake fault lines,  – a growing homeless crisis,  – a growing drug plague,  – a shrinking economic base,  – and an activist LibTurd governor related to their activist LibTurd congresswoman… and ever-rising taxes from the State.

It is precisely because San Francisco teeters on the brink of both physical collapse and social collapse – and yet KEEPS ELECTING LIBERAL FOOLS,

– that George Soros has targeted the city as a training ground for his Communist thugs.

Once well trained in street thuggery,  and seasoned by many “peaceful protests”,  – they’ll be spreading out across our land – – eventually to YOUR TOWN!

Longer Video (silent)


Visualize a scary future:

If China Joe Biden wins on November 3rd,  – he will be encouraging BLM and AntiFA (he said it is “just an idea”) to disrupt and upend city and state governments nationwide.   HIS new Justice Department will handcuff local police departments,  – just as have the mayors of Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

He’ll be doing so to distract attention from his illegal get-rich-in-China schemes,  and the media will fall for it.

And meanwhile he’ll be outlawing guns,  ammo,  and anything else that you might use to defend your home and your life.

That’s IF he stays out of Walter Reed.  Kamala Harris will act even more viciously.

These people despise and HATE Americans…

5 Responses to “Mayor London Breed’s Festering Shithole”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Am planning a 4-day stay in San Francisco in December.

    Will send in an “on the ground” report.

    Len Mead

    PS: By then, if you voted for TRUMP, maybe the thugs will all be in jail. Today Drudge reports Trump’s new campaign effort will be LOCK UP THE BIDENS!

  2. Jim Buba

    Almost time for Plan-C

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Allow me to change the thread a bit….

    London Breed and Nancy Pelosi are the clearest explanation why the Democrat Party has an ass as its mascot….

  4. Kojack

    It’s pretty clear that there’s no-way sleepy, creepy China Joe can win on 11/03. The only question now is whether or not his HANDLERS and USEFULL IDIOTS can STEAL it, but no matter what happens the 2 sides will NEVER come together. DUMMYCRAPS who display a stratospheric level of hypocrisy talk about coming together but what is left unsaid is only if the other side adopts their WARPED VIEWS. They bitch and moan about PRESIDENT TRUMP not accepting a peaceful transfer of power if he loses(or they steal it) when THEY HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED THE RESULTS OF 2016 beginning with MAD MAXINE BOYCOTTING THE INAUGURATION!!! You couldn’t make a believable movie script that reads like this.

    Along with ANTIFA and BLM the DEMOCRAT PARTY due to it’s links to them should be declared a domestic terrorist group.

  5. Stubby Buddy

    Quick reply to @Kojack – the leftists have not accepted an election that went against them since AT LEAST the year 2000; all have been decried as stolen, biased, illegitimate, or any other excuse they can come up with.

    Now take that piece of information and look at the elections won by “republicans” that the left has NOT protested. Cross-check with lists of known/suspected rinos, and extrapolate to any remaining “republican” winners.

    The rot goes DEEP, far, and wide. DRAIN THE SWAMP!