Mayor London Breed Is Deeply Pissed!

Posted December 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Governor Gel Hair’s pick for US Senator exposes the deep racism in California’s Democrat Party.

Democrats only ‘claim’ to be a party of united minorities.  The reality is they fight viciously among themselves, – and sometimes it spills out in public.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed wants a BLACK WOMAN in the US Senate to replace Kamala Harris,  – and she’s upset that Governor Hair Gel picked a Hispanic MAN.   How DARE he…?

For Newsom the choice was a simple matter:  Hispanics (aka Mexicans) outnumber Blacks in California by about 8 to 1.   And they vote!

Moreover,  Padilla has a record of functioning and getting things done (without making ugly headlines),  while London Breed is failing as San Francisco’s mayor.

The two Black Congresswomen Breed was advocating for – Lee and Black,  – are both lackluster do-nothing mushrooms – taking up space.

Gavin hopes to run for the White House someday himself – maybe 2024 or 2028,  and he knows where his base needs to be.  It won’t be San Francisco!

2 Responses to “Mayor London Breed Is Deeply Pissed!”

  1. Jim Buba

    just another candidate for Tar and Feathers

  2. MC

    Jim: Can I donate to the Tar and Feather fund? Can we do the DC Deep State members? Oh what a vison that would be !