Mayor Jenny Durkan: Sleepless In Seattle

Posted June 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

For weeks now as AntiFA and BLM occupied City Hall and the CHAZ /CHOP in defiance of police – even taking over a precinct house,  LibTurd Mayor Jenny Durkan seemed strangely at ease with their occupation,  – even when the shootings and murders started.

SUDDENLY things changed when they marched to her home!

Some liberals never learn;   they grow old and die dreaming of unicorns and lollipop trees….

Some get a rude wake-up call….

400 BLM anarchists at her suburban doorstep seems to have frightened and angered Mayor Jenny. She thought because she was once a US Attorney for Obama that her address was a secret…

But Council Member Kshama Sawant,  – an ungrateful Communist import from India,  – ratted her out to the mob.

Durkan just learned what Julius Caesar learned back 2064 years ago,  – you have no friends in politics.

Americans today should understand their game plan.  First they gain elected office,  – then working from the inside they attempt to weaken the government,  – then topple it (one weak link at a time),  – and our Western Civilization with it.

The only question is which outside group will win the race,  – the Chinese,  – the Muslims,  – or the Indians?

Our generous nature and our Constitution is being used to defeat us – every hour of every day.

One Response to “Mayor Jenny Durkan: Sleepless In Seattle”

  1. Kojack

    In the immortal words of Rev. Wright, “The mayor’s chickens, have come home to roost.”