Mayor Gary Christenson: Judas Goat

Posted April 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

What could be more ironic and oxymoronic than a corrupt mayor named Christenson leading his people – voluntarily – into a mosque?

Malden’s Mayor Gary Christenson – whose public career has been tainted at every step with Democrat corruption – was featured on the Herald’s web page today for Open Mosque Day.  If you know a little about Christenson,  – the photo epitomizes the willful blindness of today’s Democrat Party. They are sheeple.

At EVERY step of Christenson’s career he has been associated with and made his living from working for corrupt people.

First in the 90s he worked at the Mass State House for Tom Finnerian (convicted of corruption).

Then he surfaced at the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department worked 13 years for corrupt Sheriff James V. DiPaola (who blew his brains out on Thanksgiving 2010 – a suicide / murder still not explained). Christenson considers DiPaola his ‘mentor’.

Democrats in Malden trust Christenson – he quickly went from School Committee to City Council,  to Finance Committee,  to Council President,  and was elected Mayor in 2011.

Now he’s pictured leading his gullible citizens into the local mosque on “Open Mosque Day”.

Oh – but these are the Peaceful Muslims.
They’re really nice”.

How would you know – until they’re flown planes into the World Trade Center,  – or blown up the Boston Marathon,  – or beheaded a co-worker…..who refused to convert?

Anybody buying into “The Religion of Peace” is both a historical dunce and utterly incapable of understanding what little news the MSM bothers to report.

Mister Mayor,  do any of those ladies pictured with you know about female circumcision (clitoridectomy),  – or WHY Muslims do it to their girls?

Do they know how many Muslim girls DIE from this barbaric procedure?

Or did anybody at Open Mosque Day explain the very special social status women enjoy in Muslim society?

Did anybody discuss the modern slave trade…?

Are Democrats like Christenson naïve FOOLS,  Traitors,…or BOTH?

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