Mayor De Blasio Sells Out His Cops

Posted December 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The NYPD‘s 34,000 cops should have been expecting this, – their new Mayor is a life-long commie.  He’s taken sides, essentially telling them to leave the street thugs alone.
De Blasio flings cops under the bus

The clue was there early when he campaigned against “Stop, Question, and Frisk”.  He won Black and Hispanic votes by squawking about racial profiling.  He ignored the hard facts that 96% of murder victims in the city are Black – or Hispanic.

Commissioner Ray Kelly’s program was saving lives every day. But left-wingers called it ‘racist’ anyway. De Blasio ‘retired’ Kelly, – and brought in Bill Bratton.


If they did, – they wouldn’t be running abortion mills!

Truth is, – that in a Democrat-run city like New York, – dead Blacks will still vote for Democrats – for years…. They are the easiest votes to count on.

Cops, Firemen, City Workers and Teachers have always been easy votes too. In many ways Democrats look upon them the same way they do welfare families: “You want your check? Vote for me damnit!”

The union leadership applied the ‘persuasion’.

You see, Democrats can’t deliver prosperity – or even upward mobility. They haven’t got a clue how to develop a thriving industrial base. THEY DON’T WANT TO!

Prosperity and upward mobility would mean people living independent of their government paycheck or their welfare check.

It would mean voters learning to think – and take personal responsibility, – and worse – to question government.

So Democrats fall back on their basic tools – flinging invectives, – accusing anybody in authority or in business of racism, – promising transparency and bigger welfare checks.

And they capitalize on any tragedy to play the race card and cast more blame.

Far easier to curse a Grand Jury [unseen faceless people], and call a street hustler a ‘victim’,…

…than to explain…why 6′ 3” x 350 lbs Eric Garner – at age 43 – had a lengthy criminal record, – and was making a living selling loose cigarettes on the sidewalks of Staten Island.

The NYPD didn’t ‘fail’ Garner; – a lifetime of living on the Democratic Voter Plantation did!

De Blasio race-bating and pandering

So it has taken Mayor Bill De Blasio just 13 years to forget the heroism of his NYPD and his FDNY back on that terrible September day in 2001.

Given his stated support and admiration for the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, – perhaps De Blasio has some sympathy with thugs and terrorists.

And yes, he has a Black wife and two mixed-race kids. So instead of taking a unifying leadership position, – he played the race card – as effectively as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, or Barack Obama.

Bratton  De Blasio   Sharpton

NYPD: Take NOTE! Your mayor has just taken sides with the hustlers and thugs – and flung you under the bus.

Sure hope you’ll remember this come election day! Meanwhile, tread lightly – ’cause you’re stuck between race-baiters!

BACKLASH! Friday 12 Dec 2014   You ~ think ~ the NYPD is pissed at De Blasio?   Their union – the PBA – just put a form on their website for cops to download and sign – directing the mayor to stay AWAY from their funerals – if they are killed in the Line of Duty.

PBA to De Blasio  STAY AWAY

I’m guessing that De Blasio won’t get many police votes when he’s up for re-election.

8 Responses to “Mayor De Blasio Sells Out His Cops”

  1. Walter Knight

    Even Fox News is siding with the criminal against the NY officer.

    A police officer should not have to be big. When a police officer says repeatedly you are under arrest, it does not mean argue, back away, or slap away his hands. If you force the police to wrestle you to the ground, getting injured is what you invited upon yourself.

    On the plus side NY is not burning. Perhaps the streets of NY in general are too dangerous for outside agitators to come to town, like rural Ferguson.

  2. Varvara

    Maybe the mayor should watch the program BLUE BLOODS. It takes place in NYC.

  3. Kojack

    What we see today is the result of blacks having been coddled since the inception of the great society with welfare and affirmative action in colleges and in the work place but most of all, as Dinesh D’Souza points out in “2016: Obama’s America”, with the guilt-ridden whites being so apprehensive of the young angry black male. Obysmal learned how to play this well.

  4. Walter Knight

    Every police shooting or suspect death is now going to get headline treatment by the liberal national media to promote the liberal agenda that we have a police problem. What we have is a crime problem and a liberal media problem.

    Liberals want an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ moment or riot every time this happens. Their incitement to revolution going into the 2016 election will backfire because people in most of America already know we have a crime problem, and don’t need to watch TV to know they are in danger just walking down the street.

    I don’t need a camera on every police officer know that criminals acting out are the most immediate and real problem and danger to Americans. It will get worse. Already the criminal justice system is breaking down. Police problem? We have a court problem and it will get worse as jurors increasingly vote their politics and race rather than facts. The goal for elitist liberals, smug and safe in their gated communities, is for inner city jurors to hate so much that trial convictions will stop. It’s already happening.


    I mean, it would be asking a lot to expect the mayor to take the other side, you know, the side with the cop who was CAUGHT ON CAMERA BREAKING THE LAW IN A WAY THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF A CITIZEN. Go ahead and delete my comment. I wouldn’t be surprised, after all censorship is a trademark of oppressive governments, which is clearly something you support.

  6. MC

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing for our elected officials to be impartial. The last I knew they were elected to represent all peoples in their districts or states and not jump to a conclusion that furthers their political agenda. Information is available to them IE: autopsy results etc. The Al Sharptons of the world are only out to line their own pockets, but we should expect more from elected officials.

  7. Scott

    Seriously: What would happen if elected officials represented ALL the people they were elected by and stood for the oath they swore to uphold?

    A tragedy has happened. I am sure that none of the cops involved woke up that morning and said: “Gee this day I am going to arrest someone and they should die. Then I will have hours and hours of paperwork to do, IA meetings, Grand Jury hearing, Union meetings plus anything else the Boss could think of and the eventual “stay in touch but be available on a hours notice.” Explaining to your family and friends.”

    The media coverage just everything a cop wants to be involved with–especially over a idiotic law such as selling single cigarettes.

    Has no one figured out that if a choke hold had been applied, the man couldn’t speak? This is a tragedy but could heart failure cause the same symptoms? If only the man had turned around put his hands behind his back and complied.

    As for the protests: Where are the marches for the guy who was beaten to death with a hammer?

    Where are the protests about a President and other elected officials who lie and nothing is done about it?

    As for oppressive governments, we live when Obama can say, he has a pen and a phone and doesn’t follow the laws of the land.

    I pray for the youth of this great land, when they grow older and figure out they have to pay for this debt .

  8. Walter Knight

    Pants Up Don't loot“Pants up, don’t loot!”