Mayor de Blasio Enslaves NYC’s Medics

Posted January 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio – a lifelong communist,  – thinks he’s a KING!  He’s making HIS DREAM into the LAW,  – and doesn’t give a damn about what is a RIGHT,  – what is a PRIVILEGE ,  – what is PRIVATE PROPERTY,  – and which things are PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITES.

We suspect the medical personnel seated for his photo-op don’t fully understand that he’s just turned them into government slaves.  And NYC’s working folks may not enjoy what this is about to do to their tax bills either….short video

PRIVATE PROPERTY?  Nonsense!  True Communists don’t believe in it!

To unschooled people – and certainly to the lazy ones,  – the idea of “FREE” medical care sounds like they have a loving, caring Mayor.   And it’s way too easy to buy into the concept that “healthcare is a Human Right”.

Sadly, the Socialists, Communists, and Globalists have managed to open Pandora’s Box,  – and it may take a bloody civil war to put the demons of envy and greed back into it.

So we begin dumbing down the quality and the very concept of “Health Care”.

De Blasio makes it a government-provided commodity,  – while the medical schools widen their acceptance of new student doctors to include EVERY possible combination of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, poverty and hardship story…ignoring those with top grades and top test scores – if they don’t fit the AA/EEO quotas….

…and in 20 to 30 years the only doctors still in practice will have all the expertise and professional enthusiasm of the clerks at the RMV.   Is it lunchtime yet?

5 Responses to “Mayor de Blasio Enslaves NYC’s Medics”

  1. Panther 6

    If DiBlazio can makes this reality, NY will be broke shortly. No way can we provide free coverage to all. I know he said those who can pay will those who CAN’T won’t. Who the devil is going to make those decisions?? This is absurd but it could get him reelected. His departure is long overdue.

  2. Sherox

    Yet not one member of the press asks him where in the Constitution does the right to healthcare exist.

  3. Catherine

    Reply to Sherox: The “right” to health care is not in the Constitution because the entirety of the Constitution is about protecting the PROPERTY (physical and intellectual) of the people. A right can be exercised WITHOUT COST OR LOSS to ANY other person. Health care is one’s own actions to preserve one’s own health. MEDICAL care requires the services of medical professionals. If you can compel that care, you have just re-instituted SLAVERY. Doesn’t matter if they get “reparations” (pay) later.

    Reply in general: While for the most part the feds are to keep OUT of areas reserved for state control, in Article IV every state is GUARANTEED a Republican form of government. So shoved-down-the-throat communism/socialism IS an area where the feds can – and should – step in to forbid. We also have the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery.

    This MUST be stopped.

  4. Kojack

    NY is the same electorate that cursed us with the KNOW-NOTHING BABBLING IDIOT AKA A-O-COMMUNIST with the horse teeth.


    And GUESS who took Schumer’s old seat in Congress???

    Yep, sex pervert Anthony Weiner – now serving 21 months out at Devens.

  5. Asusue

    I remember when Jim was working with the NHS in the UK. They had had to start looking in other countries to basically “import” doctors from other countries. Fewer and fewer native Brits were willing to go into the medical field. Within the last 10-15 years British doctors have been permitted to see patients off the NHS service. Some doctors began seeing NHS patients on some days and private patients on others. Private health insurance is also becoming available. At least that is what I was told.