Mayor Cory Booker’s Bad Weekend

Posted May 22nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

We think Cory is a pretty decent guy – for a Democrat. As Mayor of heavily Black Newark, he runs one of the most run-down and crime ridden cities in America, – no easy task!

So His Honor’s honest comments on NBC’s Meet the Press, admitting Obama’s anti-Bain ad was nauseating to him, – spawned endless grief. In the end he was forced to lie. You know how that always ends.

Here is the piece from the Sunday show:

Note the words that offended the Obama Cartel come near the very end.  They reacted swiftly and forced Cory to issue a UTube clarification…  That raised more questions than it answered.

Cory was asked if the Obama campaign pressured him into his retraction…

Cory, you’re not in Newark anymore – you’re in Chicago!  You signed onto the Campaign – you’re no longer allowed to be your own man.  Now you’re just a ventriloquist’s lap dummy. 

Maybe you want to rethink this ‘Campaign spokesman‘ thing?

Good luck Cory!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

All-Democrat Newark is so broke and so in debt that Cory was forced to stop buying tiolet paper for city employees.  Funny what happens when you’ve driven all the industry away.

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