Mayor Bottoms Avoids Her Bloody Streets

Posted December 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Keisha Lance Bottoms is emblematic of what’s wrong in our heavily-Black big cities,  where skin color dictates how the majority of residents (lifelong Democrats) pick their leaders. 
Chicago (Lori Lightfoot),  San Francisco (London Breed),  Baltimore (Dixon / Rawlings-Blake / Pugh), Tallahassee (Andrew Gillum),  Washington DC (Muriel Bowser),  Richmond, VA (Stoney), – are all examples where skin color was the sole all-important qualification to run the city.

Six months ago Atlanta was ablaze.  Rayshard Brooks – a Black man,  – had passed out drunk in a Wendy’s drive-thru lane,  and did so again when police woke him up.

He resisted arrest,  was shot twice – and died. 

The Black neighborhood thought burning down the Wendy’s and other stores – and police cars was the appropriate response.  Mayor Bottoms accepted the resignation of the White Female Police Chief – as if standing up to the mob for her police officers might have seemed “too white”…

So the Ferguson Effect has overtaken Atlanta’s police,  and murder flourishes.  Only the funeral directors are profiting.

And Mayor Bottoms keeps posing for glamour shots.

Does ANYBODY reading this think that having “won” a stolen election,  – that China Joe Biden and/or Kamala Harris will make life any better for ANY of Atlanta’s Black urban population?

Or will they do what all Democrat politicians do,…throw them a few buzz-words and platitudes, (cheaper even than glass Mardi Gras beads)- – and promptly forget them…?

Bottoms thinks she’s both a rising Democrat on the National Stage – AND a ‘pretty woman’.

At RRB, we see her as yet another empty suit,  – good for photo-ops and magazine covers,  – but utterly worthless to the taxpaying citizens who elected her!

She’s the living definition of a Kardashian mayor….

2 Responses to “Mayor Bottoms Avoids Her Bloody Streets”

  1. panther 6

    Sadly skin color is driving much of what is happening across this land since last summer and BLM. Just look at all the TV commercials.

  2. Kojack

    “….utterly worthless to the taxpaying citizens who elected her!

    True, and they keep right on voting for her.

    Those are definitely DUMMYCRAPS working those glass beads….