MAYDAY! Viking Sky Adrift Without Power!

Posted March 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

For years RRB has been reminding people that these giant cruise ships are a disaster waiting to happen.

There was a very close call Saturday off the rocky coast of Norway,  when 479 passengers – some injured,  – got an unexpected helicopter ride.

Yes, taking a cruise can be relaxing and romantic, if all goes well.

But Murphy’s Law is enforced at sea just as much as on land…  Shit happens!

This rescue mission will be good advertising for the Airbus H225 Super Puma.

And these giant ships – built to maximize passenger headcount and profit,  – don’t do well in rough seas, – in a cross-wind,  and when they’ve lost power.


If that one didn’t make you a little seasick, – try this one!

And thus you begin to understand why – when I had a choice – I didn’t join the Navy!

WELL DONE Norwegian Coast Guard!

UPDATE:  Wed, 27 March 2019   Sloshing Oil!  The ship designers failed to plan for heavy seas,  the oil sump pump wasn’t sucking enough oil.

2 Responses to “MAYDAY! Viking Sky Adrift Without Power!”

  1. ASU Sue

    A very big NO THANK YOU!

  2. panther 6

    My wife and I love cruising but this one does give one pause. At least in this case all is under control. Could have been a disaster.