Maybe I’m Just Old-Fashioned…?

Posted June 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

I was raised to love God,  love my Family,  love my Country,  and show politeness and respect for everybody else,  – – unless or until they proved themselves cruel,  dangerous,  or nasty.

So I’m not comfortable today being told that I have to accept or embrace anybody who is different,  – just because they’re here occupying space.

During my 76 years I’ve learned to my grief that there are bad people in this world, – some so thoroughly bad – so completely evil – that their way to Hell should be through a woodchipper.

During my years in the Army I had the high honor of serving with awesome heroes,  – men of all backgrounds; – White, Black, American Indian, Samoan, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Vietnamese.

I was also there during the late 60s and early 70s,  when our Army was beset by the kind of drug and race problems I could not have imagined as a teenage paratrooper just a few years earlier.

Those drug and racial problems – overlaid with the raging anti-war protests across America made being a soldier a utterly thankless calling.

As it always happens – the actions of a few cretins and idiots ruin things for the whole nation:

March 1968: Members (most of) 1st Platoon, Company C, 1-20th Infantry, – led by sad sack Lieutenant Calley, – turned a sweep mission into a horrific massacre of civilians at My Lai, killing hundreds. The Army covered it up for 18 months.

Nixon would eventually pardon Calley….

4 May 1970:  Poorly led and poorly trained Ohio National Guard troops (most had joined to dodge the draft) opened fire on anti-war protesters at Kent State.

Like the death of George Floyd on May 25th,  the actions of one bad cop – or just a few – brands a whole group as “Bastards”.

Back then I tended to believe the news.  It would take almost two decades before I came to fully understand how we Americans were being propagandized by our own media.

So today as events play out,  – as young fools riot, loot, and burn their own cities,  – a rage builds within me at the politicians and the media who see those actions as being in their interests.

The ‘politicians’ need the unrest to campaign on,  – to pit one group against another – for votes….

The media needs these stories and video of rioting, looting, and dead bodies to sell ink and clicks,  – or they’d be out of business.

I’ve lived through ~ survived ~ some terribly inept and corrupt presidents:  FDR, Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.  The blood needlessly spilled by these incompetents would fill olympic swimming pools…

Finally,  just when I’d all but given up hope  – we have an America-loving President who can think, plan, and who is getting the job done.  He has dealt with our enemies and put America back to work.  He is up for reelection in just 143 days.

Hating Trump’s success,  George Soros – that old Hungarian Nazi – the looter of Jewish homes – is now setting our nation ablaze – with race riots not seen since the assassination of MLK Jr.

And we American White People are suddenly expected to feel some sort of guilt over Slavery and Jim Crow,  – which are the really the legacy of the Democrat Party?

Not I!  I prefer to judge people as individuals.

I will accept people at face value until their own words or actions prove them otherwise.  And should they disappoint,  – I refuse to brand others that may look like them with any preconceived stigma.

Frankly Folks,  I’ve always felt that the stain of Slavery in America was washed away by the blood of 360,222 dead Union Soldiers,  and 218,881 more who were wounded.

I have always been in awe of their courage – those battles were fought at close range;  and I remain proud of their perseverance and their sacrifice.

And while they were fighting on the wrong side of morality,  those Southern Soldiers were valiant and honorable men too,  and most of those who survived that war tried to rebuild their lives and rebuild the nation.  Only a few (it’s always just a few) joined the KKK to terrorize newly-freed Blacks.

Americans today – with no clue what those men lived through or what they did after that war,  – should not be tearing down statues.

Racism comes in many forms – and many colors:

For decades Liberal Americans wanted a Black President – if for no other reason than the sheer symbolism.   In 2008 they elected a man with a mysterious and murky background – Barack Obama.

He turned out to be a very racist and very anti-America race-baiter,  – untrustworthy and corrupt to the core.

If electing – then reelecting a Black President was supposed to finally heal our lingering race problems,  – – why are we having race riots after those 8 long years?

Yet today,  Liberal Americans want to try it again;  – they want Biden to pick a BLACK WOMAN – A-N-Y BLACK WOMAN,  – just for the symbolism… 

And every potential candidate they’re suggesting are known racists….  They WILL NOT help heal our lingering racial divide,  – they’ll pour acid into those wounds on a daily basis. 

Worse,  within weeks of a Biden inauguration,  he’ll be confined in a private ward of Walter Reed Army Hospital….and we’ll finally have our First Woman President. 


One Response to “Maybe I’m Just Old-Fashioned…?”

  1. panther 6

    Mike; Great words and insights here. I found nothing I could take exception with. Sure wish more politicians felt like us. Just keep trying and maybe like the memory of George Floyd we will eventually make a difference. The looting and rioting is losing a lot of sympathy and support for ‘change’ from an awful lot of GOOD citizens, black and white.

    Didn’t you serve in the 101st Airborne Division back in the 60s? Great time to be Airborne. You should add a Screaming Eagle to your hat,,,,I did not see one on your picture.

    § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

    Sir! You’re developing Biden’s Disease… I was right there with you….you rode in my jeep, many times.

    Look closer, the 101st patch is on the right side, the Pathfinder Torch on the left…