May Day 2018: Paris Was Burning Again

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Between hostile Muslim “refugees”, anarchists, and communists, – it’s a wonder any of Paris is still standing.

Tuesday was May Day – the birthday of the Communist Party International,  and in Paris they weren’t ‘celebrating’ with parades….

America,….if you continue to allow our borders to be wide open,….if you continue to tolerate the lawlessness of the Communists and AntiFA young people among us,…while preaching tolerance and understanding and acceptance in our public schools,  – this will be what our cities will look like in just 10 – 15 years.  Some already do.

Before this routine chaos hits the US – it’s time to reclaim our sovereignty!

Remember that many young people in our high schools and universities are having their brains poisoned by socialist / communist teachers and professors.

Thus they’ve come to hate American capitalism and our Constitution,  – and private property just as much as the Muslims and European Communists do.

They will not be easily re-educated or turned into American patriots,  – so in the meantime – you should be armed and stock up on ammoA bad day may come…

For Americans the tragedy of what the French have let overwhelm them is the vast fortune in lives,  blood,  and US Money spent – in TWO WORLD WARS,  – to keep France FREE in 1918,  and then to LIBERATE that nation from Hitler’s army in 1944….

Sadly,  thanks to our union-run public schools,  – young Americans have NO CLUE about what happened across the world in the 20th Century as socialist and communist dictators attempted to control the world.

BTW, – hear much about the Paris riots in the news yesterday?

2 Responses to “May Day 2018: Paris Was Burning Again”

  1. Vic

    Paris looked better when the damn Germans occupied it!

  2. Panther 6

    Yes the Paris of old is history,,,,at least for the moment. The lack of info about the riots is not surprising, our media does not want to fire us up with the truth. Hopefully the average American citizen is waking up to what is going on here and around the world. As Iron Mike said, “We must reclaim our sovereignty” and soon. May not be pretty when we do.