Maura Sullivan: Such A Pretty Liar!

Posted August 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

How many times must we remind voters that NOT EVERYBODY who wore a uniform was or still is an honorable person?   Cases in point:  LBJ, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, John Murtha, Seth Moulton,…and nowMaura Sullivan.

Something SMELLS about Maura’s bid to sit in Congress,  and New Hampshire voters should be very wary….

I need to say the following VERY CAREFULLY!

Ms. Sullivan’s time in the Marine Corps may have been perfectly honorable, – perhaps even laudable, – and her time in Iraq was certainly commendable…

BUT,  too much of her campaign website is way too vague.  There are too many missing and unexplained pieces of her life.

As both an old man and an old soldier – I’ve developed a nose and a radar for fraud and bullshit….

Remember how young Seth Moulton ran as an Iraqi veteran Marine; – and only later – once safely in office – we saw him as a gun-grabbing Obama Democrat and what’s known in the Corps as a “Blue Falcon”?

Remember “Navy SEAL-NavySEAL” Gomez running for the Senate (claiming to be a Republican) – but unwilling to sit for an interview…? 

After he LOST he admitted he “believes civilians aren’t qualified to own AR-15s”.

So backed by the most liberal Democrat funding available,  Ms. Sullivan hopes to be elected to Congress – on an anti-gun platform.  Suddenly the lack of a genuine Marine Corps BACKBONE is transparently visible.

Did she ever READ or STUDY our Constitution?

Was her Marine Corps service a mere stepping-stone for her political career?

This political ad is a disgrace – she deliberately conflates a Military AR-15 (FULLY automatic) rifle with the kind of SEMI-auto rifles available to civilians.

In other words, she’s using VOTER IGNORANCE to instill FEAR

Only evil Democrats do that!

Please reject her New Hampshire!   Don’t be fooled by a pretty face and some buzz-words on a vague bio.  We’ve had enough phonies and enough Obama Democrats for a lifetime!


Unlike MassHole,  New Hampshire has Republicans willing to run for Congress;  – five (5) have survived the pre-Primary season – to include debates to be on the Sept 11th Primary Ballot.


2 Responses to “Maura Sullivan: Such A Pretty Liar!”

  1. Vic

    Mike, in my humble opinion, it’s technically impossible for angry feminazis to be pretty.


    Tee Hee….Careful Vic….you’ll be getting hate mail…

  2. thomas conary

    When a mag is in the well the weapon is considered loaded. In the vid the selector is in the semi slot. Any private knows this is wrong. She paid attention? Sorry, I am a Marine for life I support the 2nd Amendment.