Maura Healey Is A Classic Tyrant

Posted July 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

tyrant:   any person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively or despotically
Governor Baker's headache
Throughout history, civilized men have been routinely at the mercy of tyrants. – men (and sometimes women) who assumed power and ruled by fear.   Today our Attorney General – the woman elected to represent OUR interests,…is abusing her power and ignoring her sworn OATH to uphold and defend our Constitution.

State House Protest Sat 23 July 2016

Under the Massachusetts State Constitution, our Attorney General is elected separately from the Governor.  So what can Governor Baker do – if he even wants to

He can issue instructions to Healey to back off,…which she can ignore.

He can issue an executive order to Healey,…which she can challenge in our liberal-packed court system

He can use his executive power to cut off funding to the AG Office,…which will cause the Great and General Court [our state legislature] to deal with the issues….  They’re mostly ?ber-liberal Democrats with little regard for our Constitution.

If Baker had any balls, – and really wanted to set a precedence about the power of the Governor’s Office,  – he’s shut off funding, shut off their phones and computer systems, move their vehicles into a state parking lot, – and then shut off the electricity to their offices.

It would be a bold move, – likely beyond the imagination of Charlie Baker,…but it is available.

Finally he could take Healey and her minions to court – for violating their oaths and for usurping powers not granted in either the US or State Constitution.

Meanwhile, if Healey is personally afraid of military-style AR-15 rifles and carbines,  – she just put at least 2,000 more of them on the streets.


When she made her illegal order Wednesday,  2,000 AR-15 rifles were sold before the stores closed!

When Monday morning rolls around,  we’ll see if Charlie Baker [aka Tall Deval] will step up and honor his OATH,…or sit meekly on the sidelines watching while citizens take Healey to court.

attention seeking lesbian

We should question Healey’s real motivation.  Is she genuinely trying to prevent a future mass murder – to “save just one child”?  That seems unlikely given the number of semi-auto weapons already out there….

If Maura really wanted to ‘SAVE CHILDREN’,…
– she’d be closing down abortion clinics!

Or is she auditioning for a job in the Hillary Administration – by proving how boldly she can challenge and ignore the 2nd Amendment…?

Or,…is this all just the attention-seeking part of her lesbian genes…?

With an estimated 10 million legally-owned AR-type, AK-type,  and other semi-automatic rifles and carbines in the US, – despite Sandy Hook, Orlando, and San Bernardino, these weapons are not running wild on the streets.

In fact, – the rifles used at Sandy Hook, Orlando, and San Bernardino were all purchased LEGALLY.

The FBI twice interviewed Omar Mateen – knew he was lying to them,  – and gave him a hall pass.

No wonder the same FBI didn’t prefer charges against Hillary!

Why do liberals blame the GUN,…but never blame cars, hammers, or kitchen knives?

If you’re young you don’t remember the 50s, 60s and 70s – when the ACLU led the state-by-state legal attack to empty out our state mental institutions – which people used to call ‘nut houses’ or ‘funny farms’.

Their charge then was that too many people had been unnecessarily and cruelly locked away – warehoused – without due process,  – often on insufficient medical evidence,  – and left to rot i.e. “cruel and unusual treatment”.

They won.  Many state insane asylums were emptied and shuttered.  For decades the former inmates wandered the streets as ‘homeless persons’.

And now many doctors are reluctant ~ ‘gun shy’ ~ to refer a mentally dangerous person like Adam Lanza to the courts for fear of being sued.  We’re living in a world where common sense has been turned upside down.

So Maura Healey will cater to the progressive agenda.

She’ll blame ‘guns’ and not the insanity of Adam Lanza, – or the Islamic fervor of Omar Mateen, Tashfeen Malik, Syed Rizwan Farook, or Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

In the insane liberal mind of Maura Healey – and Hillary Clinton – upstanding law-abiding American citizens armed with legal weapons represent a ‘serious public threat’….

North Bridge

Guess what Maura?   We are a threat!    King George learned that in 1775,  – and you should study a little history.  Come across that Old North Bridge after our arms,  – and we will shoot you – and your minions!

“Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis”

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis

3 Responses to “Maura Healey Is A Classic Tyrant”

  1. Panther 6

    Sadly she is just the start, others will try, repeat TRY, to follow her example. If Hillary gets in office they will over time be more and more successful in attacking the 2nd Amendment. God Help the USA.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Attorney general needs to be fired or recalled the governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker needs to be fired or recalled the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts Karen Polito needs to be fired or recall if we do not have recall as a law in Massachusetts that we need our legislature to demand to make it so because no one is above the law

    Our Attorney General has forgotten one thing, – a very important thing, – being that she is the attorney general to UPHOLD the law and the Constitution of the United States AND it’s the Second Amendment.

    I hope everyone gets in touch with the GOAL and other organizations and with the Attorney General’s office to tell her what she has done will not stand she has overstepped her bounds and overstepped and ignored the Constitution of the United States.

  3. Charles Caliri

    Instead of picking on law abiding citizens perhaps she should could work at protecting us from the illegal/criminal alien immigrants that roam our sanctuary cities. They have caused death!
    It is her swore duty to uphold the law and sanctuary cities break the law. Selective enforcement is not her choice.

    And Baker better run as a Democrat in the next election.