Matt Lauer: Self-Appointed Referee?

Posted July 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Puke-worthy!  Listen as Libturd NBC TV host Matt Lauer asks Donald Trump to have Republicans ‘tone down their rhetoric’….
Matt Lauer and Trump
Does he think he’s a reporter, – the host of an entertainment show, – or a self-appointed referee of political discussion?
Can you see the liberal story line developing?  Short clip below:

For you political novices,…this is the beginning of the liberal media’s attempt to smear Trump – and all Republicans – with the charge of ‘inciting more violence’.

A couple more interviews like this and they’ll take the ‘high ground’ – and claim “…we begged them to tone it down…. Now look what’s happened…”.

So we have George Soros paying goons to protest and demonstrate,…and funding Black Lives Matter…

…and the media ready to blame Republicans – and Trump in particular – for actual violence….

Think you’re being manipulated?

“The Truth and American lives be DAMNED,…
– we want a Woman President!”

Guess what Matt [who goes around with bodyguards] – people are ‘on edge’ because Obama and his cartel of racist thugs have hijacked our Government and abandoned their oaths to our Constitution!

2 Responses to “Matt Lauer: Self-Appointed Referee?”

  1. Hunter556

    A perfect example of why I refuse to pay for cable….journalism no longer exists.

  2. Sherox

    If the candidate thought about this, he could easily turn that right back around.