Massive Police Show Of Force Today

Posted May 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

I expected a LOT of police,  but today’s show of force in Swampscott was over the top,  – clearly meant to intimidate honest hard-working citizens.  It failed. 
You’d have thought that President Trump was paying a visit to Chicken Charlie FAKER,  – but the truth is FAKER was likely elsewhere, – in hiding – trying to make sense of Arm Candy’s 4-Phase re-opening plan….and failing

I took up a position directly across from Faker’s well-guarded mansion,  to be sure he could hear me; – but I never did see any faces peering through the windows.  COWARD!

When the event kicked off at 2 PM – there were nearly 100 state and local cops PLUS Earth Movers and Dump Trucks – blocking off access and lurking over the crowd of ~ maybe ~ 150 people. By 3 PM the crowd was ~ maybe ~ 225±.

Several local Swamp Things walking by had no clue what was going on.  Clearly some folks live in a vacuum…

Most of the folks I spoke with expressed both anger at the governor, and anger that so many across the land had bought into the Coronavirus hoax. These were well-informed folks – who knew the statics were being inflated, – that the number for deaths in New York State for instance – is no different than any other year.

They want the state reopened and their jobs and lives back.


There were a couple of modern commies there – essentially LaRouches in new costumes…

By 3 PM it was clear the crowd was entirely peaceful, but whoever was in command of the combined police forces failed to reduce the conspicuous and intimidating police presence.

WORSE, many of the officers seemed to gather closer to the speaker platform.

They ~ may ~ have wanted to hear the speeches, (every one I spoke with is on our side)(…and know their paychecks may bounce in June or July),  – but the looming overwatch of 50 cops in the immediate vicinity of Citizens exercising First Amendment Freedoms should have caused the scene commander to order a pullback.

To their credit, all of the cops – state and local,  acted in a totally professional manner,  – were friendly and courteous when civilians spoke to them.  Perhaps they were enjoying the beautiful day and some easy overtime.  I thought that much of the air of arrogance many state cops used to display in years past was gone,  – so well done Colonel Mason.

As we assembled peaceably in Swampscott,  they were also protesting another doofus libturd governor up in Maine.  It seems Governor Janet Mills is proving herself to be a female version of Michael Dukakis – with a snarly mean streak…

ATTENTION STUPID DEMOCRATS:  No!  You cannot have perfect safety!  You’ll starve to death waiting for a cure and a vaccine for every disease out there.

As Red Foxx so famously said: “You health nuts are going to look pretty stupid laying around dying of nothing!”

You need to accept that the risk of dying from Coronavirus is about the same as the seasonal flu.  Accept that risk,  – get off your ass,  – put down the mask, – and get back to work.

You’ve gotta die sometime, – tomorrow just might be YOUR DAY!

But this country cannot afford to feed you while you wait for a medical miracle, – so SUCK IT UP PUSSYCAT!


/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

BTW:  Had a brief pleasant encounter with a young redheaded photo-reporter from the Globe.  She loves her job and thinks she’s working for a great newspaper.   What a waste…sad…

Sunday Follow-Up:  Checked the Globe’s web page Sunday AM (17 May) – and it had NOTHING about any of the lockdown protests,  – either in Swampscott or around New England.  There were only “pity us victims” coronavirus stories,  – and Trump-bashing…   Hey Redhead – go find a REAL job! 

4 Responses to “Massive Police Show Of Force Today”


    Great pictures, love the drum. THANK YOU PATRIOTS.
    As long as Massachusetts voters keep voting for RINO’s and Democrates this is the crap we will continuously have to put up with.
    Next time a candidate like Mark Fisher or Scott Lively run for Governor we had all better get busy knocking on doors and making phone calls.
    The only way to stop this madness is to get real Conservatives elected.
    Maine may have a chance in 2022 with Paul Lepage.

  2. Joe

    Did you mean Lyndon LaRouche and his crazy conspiracy theories? Brought a smile to my face… still remember his crazy idea that the english crown was behind all evil, back in the 80’s….

  3. Sue Ettwein

    Well done, Mike. Wish I could have been there.

    § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

    Count your BLESSINGS, – which include your common sense Governor!

  4. Len Mead

    Am just DELIGHTED hundreds of people demonstrate PEACEABLY in spite of taxpayer funds spent getting road equipment to block access.

    Plus many state police getting overtime to “show a presence” and intimidate furious citizens. People everywhere are sick of having their constitutional rights trashed by power-hungry politicians who keep getting paid and haven’t reduced costs one dime while businesses and people go bankrupt.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be in MA in a week — just hoping I can sleep in my campground chalet if “the governor” lets it open May 18.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Deplorable Conservative