Massive Job Cuts Coming!

Posted November 9th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Remember when Obama and Pelosi told you that ‘good medical care was essential for business growth’?

Then they ‘deemed ObamaCare to have passed the House’remember?

Then ~ somehow ~ a highly unpopular president gets re-elected?

‘Liquid’ flows downhill, and now come the job cuts.  You may want to bookmark this site and keep track in your area.  Watch how many people now get ‘Obamasized‘ out of their jobs.

Then watch Obama try to buy a new Congress in 2014 with extended unemployment benefits.

The destruction of our economy and our way of life has begun in earnest.

2 Responses to “Massive Job Cuts Coming!”

  1. Tom

    And now with the fiscal cliff looming, job cuts already beginning, there is serious discussions about an amnesty bill to placate the establishment who led this debacle. As usual when things get tough in DC, the pResident heads off on Air Force One, this time to SE Asia, he hasn’t been there before.

  2. Walter Knight

    Where’s Jesse Jr? I hear there might be a job opening.