MassHole’s Head RiNO Hangs Up His Horn.

Posted December 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

Gee Charlie,  does this mean that young AJ finally has a court date?

3 Responses to “MassHole’s Head RiNO Hangs Up His Horn.”

  1. Keith

    I met Charlie in a unique way. I was in the front row at a parade in Gardner MA with my special needs son. Chariie was shaking hands along the route. He stopped smiled at me, looked at my son and paused looked back at me and without a word shook my hand. His look said it all, he knew what it was to be the parent of a special needs child. He was a republican and he instantly earned my vote. Sad to say I regret that vote to this day. He has not been a republican, he has been a rino

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    For seven unlucky years Charlie and his gang helped tighten the Democrat stranglehold on the Massachusetts legislature, as he raised and spent millions to defeat or extinguish any non-ultra-liberal Republicans, or out-right supported liberal Democrats.

    Can you say “Ambassador Baker?”

  3. Jim Buba

    Ambassador??? The only fit is Ambassador to The Ludicrous

    or Bio-Pharm