MassGOP’s FAKE Republicans Meet Tonight

Posted January 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

If you go – brace yourselves and bring a barf bag.   First there will be PRAISE and Participation Awards for all who failed to unseat a single Democrat last November. Chocolate Pants will hand out trinkets.

Then will come the real business of the night – replacing the Mouseketeer with an obedient and house-broken RiNO acceptable to Charlie FAKER.

The meeting takes place tonight in the Framingham Sheraton – with an exclusive “Executive Dinner Meeting” first,  – no – you can’t even peek in the door.

You’ll be lucky if they’ve left enough seats behind the velvet rope for you to squeeze in when the general meeting begins.  They really don’t want any Real Republicans there.  That’s why the meeting isn’t mentioned on the MassGOP website.

Besides Lyons, Durant, and Andersen, a fourth candidate may emerge,  – Geoff Diehl – the guy who just lost 2:1 against the Squaw.

Some of these candidates actually embrace ~ some ~ Republican principles,  – but all have run snake-bit and scared from the media and Democrats for decades.  Hell,  a couple of them were openly anti-TEA Party for years, and many are STILL anti-Trump!

The back current tonight – and for some time to come – is that Charlie FAKER really thinks he’s “the most popular governor” – and he sees himself as either a 2020 or a 2024 presidential contender….

I’ve been expecting him to switch parties for three years…..

So if you’re there,  look for both clumsiness and serious shenanigans in the voting procedure and in the vote counting.

If the votes are counted IN THE ROOM – that will be a major step forward from the days when Attorney Vinny DeVito hustled them out to a side room for “counting”.

And if none of this makes much sense, – just remember that perhaps 30 to 35 of the Committee Critters are actually worthy Republicans,  and the rest are plants.  Just another reason why we have 11 Democrats in Congress – and why people leave this state….

For the MassGOP to change – to become effective,  what is needed is a Chairman willing to spend these next 22 months traveling the width and breadth of our state, – building up town committees and finding willing and worthy Republicans to run for office.

He (she) would have to web savvy and understand how to use social media – and use it daily.

He (she) would have to be BOLDLY pro-Life,  pro-2A,  pro-Constitution,  pro-Trump,  pro-Wall , and be able to argue FORCEFULLY against socialism and sanctuary policies.

Don’t hold your breath….

BTW,   did ANYBODY out there see Charlie FAKER endorse ANY Republican Candidate in this last disastrous election?


UPDATE:  10:30 PM Thursday  – have unofficial news that Jim Lyons WON!  WoW!

Clearly two years of Trump have awakened some of the RiNOs! Thank God!

3 Responses to “MassGOP’s FAKE Republicans Meet Tonight”

  1. Marty Lamb

    Peter Durant and Geoff Diehl are both out according to e-mails they sent to SC members.
    I see two choices, the same old same old with Brent Anderson, or a glimmer of hope with Jim Lyons for Republicans that don’t march lockstep with Baker.
    Jim has my vote tonight

  2. Steve Tougas


    I serve as the webmaster of, a new website that tracks and scores where candidates stand on core value issues of interest to grassroots constitutionalists and moral values conservatives.

    Our candidate research team took the time to score where the three candidates who formally announced a bid in November or December to serve as the next MassGOP Chairman stood on core values issues.

    Please visit our website to learn where the candidates stand on the issues and remember, Voters Without Data Breed Politicians Without Shame.

  3. Integrity 1st

    What a great job done on this THANK YOU!